Ozark Graduation List

Candidates for graduation must complete an application for graduation and a degree audit/candidacy form. Students must complete all degree requirements prior to participating in the December, May, or August commencement ceremonies.

Students completing all degree requirements in the fall semester will participate in the December commencement ceremony; spring semester will participate in the May commencement ceremony; and summer term will participate in the August commencement ceremony.

Students will not participate in the commencement ceremony if all degree requirements are not completed prior to the ceremony.

Students not completing all requirements will have their graduation date updated to reflect the next term and be invited to participate in the next scheduled commencement ceremony providing all degree requirements are met.


  1. Complete the Graduation Application and return it to the Registrar's Office.

  2. Make an appointment with your faculty advisor and complete your degree audit/candidacy form.

  3. Check your OneTech email account regularly; this is the method in which the Registrar's Office will contact you if there are any complications concerning your graduation.

  4. Order your regalia from Student Services. 

  5. Pick up your Name Announcement Card in Tucker Coliseum an hour before ceremony begins. 

  6. Academic Honors cords will be distributed along with Name Announcement Card.

  7. Contact Career Services for help writing and posting your resume, as well as for career fair schedules.

  8. Update your mailing address on the OneTech portal. Your diploma will be mailed to the mailing address on record if not picked up approximately 6-8 weeks after graduation.

  9. Check the OneTech portal for any holds that may be on your account.

  10. Check with the Financial Aid Office, and any lending institutions you may have used, concerning any outstanding educational loans and when payments begin. Certain educational loans will require you to complete an exit interview.

  11. Join the Alumni Association.