Policies & Procedures

Communication with various publics in an effective, consistent manner should be a top priority as we continue to grow. In addition to the standards outlined in this style guide, there is a centralized review process implemented to support carrying out your publication and communication needs.

Project Request

*If you have issues with submitting your request, please contact Jenn Terrell at (479) 508-3314.

  •  Campus Name

    In a continued effort to unify the look of our correspondences and publications it is necessary for all personnel to present our name in writing accordingly:

    • Formal: Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus
    • Informal: Arkansas Tech-Ozark
    • Acronym: ATU Ozark 
  •  Correspondence
    All campus correspondence represents our professionalism and is a reflection of the university. Please remember to send letters on our letterhead and choose a professional font style. Your signature is a reflection of your professionalism; always sign your name in blue or black ink.
  •  Memorandums and Fax Cover Sheets
  •  Event Planning
    The event coordinator is responsible for contacting the University Relations-Ozark to coordinate the marketing and advertising for their event. A meeting request should be sent at least two months in advance of your event, if possible.
  •  Publications and Print Design

    Artwork for printed materials such as brochures, posters and flyers must be approved or produced by the University Relations-Ozark per the stationery and publications policy approved by the executive council.

    University Relations reminds staff and students that all materials containing the Arkansas Tech name, athletic nicknames or logos must be approved by the Office of University Relations and purchased through a licensed vendor.

    This includes items purchased by student organizations, campus departments, Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus and the Arkansas Tech Career Center located near Russellville High School.

  •  Licensing and Logos

    The mission of Arkansas Tech University's Licensing program is to protect and promote the Arkansas Tech University brand and to ensure the public can properly identify and associate the University's name and logos with officially licensed products.

    All Arkansas Tech University trademarks and service marks are the property of Arkansas Tech University. For more information, contact University Relations-Ozark.


    Academic Visual Standards Manual

  •  Social Media

    Social media is a term used to collectively describe a set of tools that foster interaction, discussion and community, allowing people to build relationships and share information.

    Members of the campus community should adhere to Arkansas Tech's Social Media Guidelines (PDF).

    Official Arkansas Tech-Ozark social media:

    Facebook: facebook.com/ATUOzark
    Instagram: instagram.com/ATUOzark
    Twitter: twitter.com/ATUOZARK

    Hashtag: Individuals using social media use the hashtag symbol # before keywords in their communication. For example, #ATUOzark can be included in any Arkansas Tech-Ozark communication on social media.

  •  Emergency Notification

    Arkansas Tech-Ozark utilizes ATU Alert.

    ATU Alert is used to send text messages, phone calls and emails in the event of a situation that poses an immediate threat to life and safety on campus.

    It's also used to inform of non-urgent situations, like winter weather closings.

    To receive notification via ATU Alert, visit www.atu.edu/ozark/emergency.

  •  Inclement Weather

    In the event of early morning inclement weather conditions, Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus utilizes a severe weather crisis team that makes decisions about weather-related closings. The crisis team will determine whether this inclement weather policy will be placed into effect and will announce its implementation before 6:30 a.m. if at all possible.

    On days covered by the inclement weather policy, all employees should arrive at work by 10:00 a.m. to receive credit for a full day’s work.

    Employees arriving after 10:00 a.m. must use annual leave for the amount of time involved in the tardiness, and employees not coming to work at all must use a full day’s annual leave.

    During the inclement weather policy, all classes will be canceled.

    The outlying areas sometimes experience inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.). Even though the campus is not closed in these events, all faculty, staff and students are advised to use their judgment in determining if the roads are safe to travel. Remember, your safety is our utmost concern!


    KDYN 92.7 Ozark, Clarksville
    KISR 93.7 Fort Smith
    KZBB 97.9 Fort Smith
    KMAG 99.1 Fort Smith
    KTCS 99.9 Fort Smith
    KWHN AM 1320 Fort Smith
    KHBS 40/29 Fort Smith
    KFSM Channel 5 Fort Smith
    KNWA Fayetteville
    KATV Channel 7 Little Rock
    KARK Channel 4 Little Rock
    KTHV Channel 11 Little Rock

  •  Campus Closed

    All classes are cancelled and all offices are closed.

  •  Night Classes Cancelled

    All classes beginning after 5 p.m. are cancelled.