Degree Requirements (Project Option):




Degree Requirements


Degree Requirements 

The best part of this program is that it doesn’t have a degree path. Instead of being handed a sheet of classes that you can’t deviate from, we give you a list of graduate courses from an entire College and allow you to choose your own path. However, the biggest positive can also be the most confusing. Below we have broken down what the catalog states as “Degree Requirements” into smaller portions. We also have crafted a sample schedule that allows you to see what your potential schedule could look like.  




Requirements Before Entering the Program 


Program Requirements by the Hour 

The program requires 30 hours of work. Unless you choose the test option (See Finishing the Degree), your final 3 hours will be your Project. You will choose a content area to focus in, which is based on your Bachelor’s Degree. You must get a minimum of 12 hours in your focus area and a minimum of 6 hours outside of it.  


Finishing the Degree: What Option to Choose? 


There are three options for finishing your program: taking a test, doing a research project, or doing a creative project. Let’s take a look at what each of these requires:  




Test- You will contact two professors that you have had over the course of your MLA career and ask for them to create the test for you. Each of them will create a section that is based on their class. 

The other two are meant to take place over a period of months. This one will allow you to take the test and be done in one day.  

This does not count as your final three hours, so you will also have to take another course. So while it seems like “less work”, you will have to do course work for another class during this semester.  

Research Project  You will write a 35-page paper on your project. Like the creative project, this is open ended and can be on anything in your field. It will require a professor as your project sponsor.   

This is a wonderful blend between the left-brain geared test and the right-brain geared creative project. You still can choose what your project will be, but with more guidelines than the creative project.  

Research projects have many different parts and pieces, as well as guidelines they must follow, and it will be up to the student to make sure that their project follows these ethical guidelines. 35 pages is also quite a long paper.  

Creative Project- This is a creation of this program and won’t be found elsewhere. It is an open-ended project that will showcase your knowledge in your content area. You will have to fill out paperwork and find a professor to sponsor you. 

Open-ended means that you can choose whatever you feel is best to communicate what you are passionate about. Past examples are plays, stories, paintings, and musical pieces. You could do these or create something new, it is entirely up to what fits you best.  

Previous Projects

As stated above, the biggest positives of this program can also be the biggest negatives. Open-ended means to some people that they have a blank page for them to fill. To others, that is a terrifying prospect and they need more direction. If you are one of these people, the other two options may be worth looking at.  


Notice that all three require you as the student to set up your final project/test. Be prepared to create a good relationship with your teachers so that they will be willing to help you with whichever option you choose.