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The Arkansas Tech Office of University Marketing and Communication (MARCOMM) is committed to advancing the story of Arkansas Tech. We know, firsthand, that ATU students have grit and determination. Add in the University's caring and supportive enviroment, and innovation happens. We live it and see it everyday. In our students. In our alumni. In ourselves. Our job is to help the rest of the state, region, and world see it too. 

To help answer frequently asked questions, we've put together a Knowledge Base for you to reference. 

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Design Services

The way ATU looks matters. If everything from the website to the print materials looks and feels different, we lose credibility with our audience. So, from small brochures to stadium banners, our team can help you accomplish your marketing goals.

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 Web Support

The website is crucial to the success of ATU, but you're the expert in your area. The web team is here to help you showcase your content in its best light by training you how to update your pages.

We now have come-and-go training available every Monday at 2:00 pm in Rothwell 132 (lab).

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Sometimes a video is the best way to authentically showcase our campus, people, and alumni. From 10 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the story, our team can help you create a video to tell it. We love to highlight the incredible people and beautiful campus that ATU has, so let's make some movie magic!

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With an eye for marketing, our team captures everything from faculty & staff headshots to campus events and student life. The images we show should authentically reflect the unique and distinguishable characteristics of ATU, which is why we have an in-house photographer and never use stock photography. What we have to offer is incredible, so let's show it off!

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Social Media Support

Staying on trend isn't always simple, and we know that. That's why we have a dedicated staff member to help you understand the best practices for utilizing social media and get you up and running. It's important to meet people where they are, and let's face it, who isn't on social media these days?

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Licensing, Logos, and Stationery

The ATU licensing program was built to protect and promote the university brand for years to come. The university also benefits from the revenue generated by the commercial use of our trademarks. Anything that includes our name or our logo that will be printed must be approved prior to use.