ATU Post Office


Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm M-F  | Saturday - Window closed but mail delivered to boxes  |  Closed Sundays and Holidays

Phone: (479) 880-4236  |  (479) 968-0254

W.O. Young Building
215 W. O Street

new to tech??? - Get A Mailbox

If you live in campus housing, the Post Office box fee is an automatic fee charged with your housing contract, but you must sign up at the Tech Post Office to fill out the reservation form. At that time, you will be assigned a Post Office Box for the upcoming semester.  This must be done each semester to keep your box open and to have an address for receiving mail while living on campus. No mail will be delivered to the dorms.

Post Office Box Fee: $15 per semester


Receive Mail

No mail or parcels will be delivered to Residence Hall addresses. All mail must be addressed to a student's campus PO box or it will be returned to sender.

Example Address:

Student Name
215 West O Street, MSC (student box #)
Russellville, AR 72801


Send Mail

The Tech Post Office accepts cash or check only, no cards.

The Tech Post Office is a drop-off point for:

The Tech Post Offce can mail letters and flats internationally, but international packages must be sent via the Russellville Post Office at 203 S Boston Ave.




Students withdrawing from the university must cancel their PO box with the ATU Post Office and fill out a Mail Forwarding Form.


If a student decides that they do not want a PO box for the semester they are signed up for, the student must contact the ATU Post Office in writing or in person and cancel before the refund deadline. If the student fails to contact the ATU Post Office before the refund date, they will be charged the PO box rental fee for that semester.


Students who remain in campus housing must renew their PO boxes every semester to keep their box open. If a student's box is closed for any reason, mail will be returned to sender unless the student has filled out an official Mail Forwarding Change of Address Form.

Post Office Charge Slip