Registration Information




Registration for the 2022  Arkansas JSHS is now open!

 Registration notes

Teachers: There is no longer a school registration form. Please follow the link below to register. At lease one teacher from each school should register by February 1st. It is important for at least one teacher from each school to register so we know how many students to plan for!

Students planning to attend with a school: Please check with your teacher or school's sponsor before registering. Note that the total number of students able to attend  from each school is determine by each school. Registering here does not guarantee that you will be chosen to attend. 

Homeschool students and students attending without a sponsoring  school: Your parent/ guardian / chaperon should register as a teacher by February 1st

Any student that would like to be considered to present an oral presentation should register and submit their paper below under the "student presenter" registration type by February 1st. Students not selected for oral presentations are automatically invited to present a poster and do not need to re-register. 

We ask that everyone wishing to participate register (students, teachers, parents etc...) by March 4th so that we can ensure all COVID capacity guidelines are not exceeded. 

The fee for the poster competition is waived for the 2022 AJSHS!  Students entering the poster competition need to register via the link below (as a "student -poster". 

Any student presenter (oral or poster) should fill out the  "Outside Assistance" form that is requested as part of the online registration process. The form is available here: Outside Assistance form and it is available within the registration website. 

CLICK HERE to register and submit papers.  

For more information or questions about registration please email Dr. Young at