As a student, faculty, or staff member at Arkansas Tech, you’re part of something big. You’re part of a family - a strong family, sharing life together. Strong families spend time together, communicate effectively, appreciate and take care of one another. These relationships make Tech a special place.

Just like any family, university families face tough issues together. We share in the responsibility of working together to ensure that we have a safe and supportive learning and working environment, free from harassment (sexual misconduct), hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, and any other negative behaviors that are counterproductive to the environment needed for us all to feel valued and respected.

Ignoring or pretending problems don’t exist is not the answer. We need to get involved. We need to speak up. The Jerry Cares campaign equips you with tools, training, and resources necessary to take action. You can play a role in preventing and interrupting dangerous incidents from impacting your family, our university community.

We hope you will take the time to learn more about the educational programming and training initiatives designed to keep our campus safe.


We support. We inspire. We act. Together We Fight On!