Membership Benefits


University Honors students receive a qualifying academic scholarship award which is bundled with a University Honors Stipend ranging from $2,000 to $6000 annually.

Renewal Requirements

All University Honors scholarship recipients must participate in University Honors curriculum requirements, sophomore service requirement, and attend all Honors functions. Scholarship recipients must enroll in a minimum of 15 hours during the fall semester of the freshman year and complete a minimum of 12 hours with a 3.00 semester GPA to be eligible for the scholarship for the following semester. Recipients must enroll in a minimum of 15 hours for the spring semester and complete a total of 30 hours for the freshman year with a 3.00 semester GPA to be eligible for the scholarship for the sophomore year. Transfer, CLEP, AP, and IB credit cannot be used to qualify for scholarship renewal. Renewal for subsequent semesters requires a 3.25 semester GPA on a minimum of 15 hours.  

Scholarship recipients must live in a residence hall or receive an exemption to the residency requirements from the Residence Life Office in accordance with established university policy. Recipients are responsible for making on-campus housing arrangements.

Receipt, continued receipt, or renewal of all academic scholarships is also contingent upon the student honoring the Arkansas Tech University Code of Conduct and adhering to local, state, and Federal law. To receive the award in subsequent terms, the FAFSA and all requested documentation must be on file by August 1 of each year. Students who fail to meet participation renewal requirements are notified by the University Honors Director. A student who fails to meet academic renewal requirements is notified via official student email.

Grace Semester

All scholarship students are eligible for a one-time Grace Semester.  A Grace Semester is applied automatically through the Financial Aid Office.  Students who qualify for a Grace Semester must be within .25 of the semester requirement while their cumulative GPA met the requirement.  After a student's Grace Semester is used, failure to meet the renewal requirements in any semester will result in the forfeiture of the scholarship for all subsequent semesters.

To remain in compliance with Act 323 of 2009, the University reserves the right to cancel or modify any scholarship funded by the institution at any time.