Catering Policies and Procedures at ATU


Interdepartmental Catering:

All Purchase Orders (POs) for Interdepartmental Catering through Chartwells will come to the Administrative Services Office. We will approve the POs for accuracy and event dates and send them to Chartwells for payment. 

At the beginning of the following month we will turn in the Departmental Billing for the previous month at which time the funds will be taken from whatever Fund, Organization, Accounts, and Program Codes (FOAP) is listed at the bottom of the Purchase Order. 

POs must be within 10% of the Catering order or you will be contacted to either add to your current PO or complete an additional PO request (requisition). 

All Interdepartmental Catering must be entered through Catertrax, our online catering software:
(some exceptions may apply at the discretion of the Chartwells Catering Director).