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Submission guidelines

before you submit your event to the master calendar:
  • Your event must be a Tech affiliated event per the University Master Calendar Policy.
  • Recieve approval from the appropriate unit, school, or area before submitting. Doing so will reduce the chance of duplication or miscommunication.
  • Make sure your event space is reserved. 
  • Confirm that all your information is current and accurate.
  • PROOFREAD your event submission. 
  • Review some of the existing events in the Calendar to familiarize yourself with the general style and format for your events. 
Calendar Approvals 

Using the Calendar Submission Form does not guarantee that your event will be published to the University Master Calendar. All submitted events must be reviewed, and approved or denied. When an event is submitted, the requestor will receive the following email notifications:

  • An email confirming the event submission.
  • An email confirming event approval or denying the event.
Calendar Submission requirements
  • Events may only be submitted by members of the Tech community with a valid email address. 
  • Events should be sponsored by a Tech entity (e.g., school, department, center, administrative office, registered student organization, etc.)
  • Examples of appropriate events include, but not limited to, lectures, seminars, workshops, meetings, training programs, art events, sporting events, and social events.
  • Event submissions must include name, description, date, time, location, sponsor, and contact information. A website URL for further reference is also encouraged. 
  • Because the University Master Calendar is used for event planning across campus as well as public affairs purposes, requestors should submit events as soon as the details are finalized. Submissions are requested to be made at least ten (10) business days in advance of the event to ensure they are approved and published in time unless an exception is granted based on unusual circumstances. Likewise, events may not be entered more than 365 days prior to the event. 
  • The Master Calendar staff aims to review submissions within three (3) business days. If the event is submitted within 24 hours of the event there is no guarantee that it will be placed on the calendar. 
  • Submissions must be made via the Calendar Submission Form. Submissions made via email, phone, or fax may not be considered.
  • If an event is cancelled or rescheduled, the Master calendar staff should be notified as soon as possible so the event information can be updated. If a ticketed event becomes sold out, requestors also should contact the Master Calendar staff as soon as possible. Send an email to 
  • Social events or get-togethers taht do not have a formal program or speaker will not be posted. 
  • Weekly meeting notices typically will not be posted. However, the first meeting of each semester may be submitted for posting, as may meetings with a speaker of such significance that a wide audience would be interested in attending.
  • Events are updated only to correct factual errors or reflect changes in programming. For this reason, it is vital that requestors ensure all relevant information is present and correct during the submission process. Events will not be posted unless all required information is provided. 
  • Requestors are solely responsible for the information in their submissions. The staff will operate under the assumption that no false or inappropriate information is submitted. 
Submissions tips
  • Before submitting an event, make sure it has not already been posted. The easiest way to do this to check the date of your event. 
  • Remember, your event will "share the stage" with other events on teh calendar. Use language that will explain your event to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it. Include as many details as possible:Contact information, resource links, location, costs, etc.
  • You can add an image URL to illustrate your event. For best viewing results make your image no larger than 350 pixels wide and/or 300 pixels high. If you don't have the ability to upload your images, send it to for assistance. Flyers or event invitations with text and clipart graphics may not be used as photos for events. 
the following events may not be approved for publication on the university master calendar:
  • Events of a commerical nature.
  • Events containing political endorsements or fundraising solicitations.
  • Event submissions that do not include sufficient details or the requestor may be contacted to provide missing information before publication.
  • Advertisements, solicitations, and personal events.