University Master Calendar Best Practices

Posting an event on the University Master Calendar will help draw people to your event. Make sure that you make the most of this opportunity. Below are a best practices for submitting your event. Be sure to read the University Calendar Submission Guidelines to ensure you meet all requirements before submitting your event. 

  • When writing your title, make sure it can stand alone and people will get an understanding of what the event is, if only the title is displayed.
  • Do not include images that may be offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of copyright laws. Images should be appropriate for the event being submitted. 
  • Recommend putting the most important information near the top, and concentrate why people will want to come to your event. Most people skim the first few sentences.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and easy to scan. 
  • Double check your spelling. 
  • Provide links to relevant content, linking works that accurately describe the linked page. 
  • Configure all links to external site to open in a new window. 
  • Spell out acronyms that maybe unfamiliar to most audiences.
  • Indicate if RSVP is required.
  • Don't underline important words, instead use bold or italics.