The Office of Events Scheduling Policy

The Office of Events provides the college with a comprehensive, transparent scheduling process. Institutional scheduling policies and guidelines establish that all university space is centrally scheduled to make efficient use of university resources.

The intent of this policy is to:

1.Establish consistent scheduling policies and priorities.

2.Establish and communicate the clear, consistent processes for facility usage outside of regularly scheduled classes.

3.Minimize scheduling conflicts through defined categories and priority scheduling.

Certain designated Arkansas Tech University facilities may be used by internal or external individuals, groups or organizations, as well as affiliated groups of the University.

The following factors will be considered in the scheduling of any campus event:

  • Required logistical, material and technical support is available.
  • The event should be within the scope and parameters of the intended use of the desired facilities. Required staffing and technical support for the event must be available.
  • The proposed event fits into the scheduled use of facilities and campus-wide operations.
  • Permitting efficient operation of our facilities is of paramount concern. Proposed events should not impede, inconvenience or displace academic activity or in any way compromise daily University functions. In order to ensure that events maintain public safety, the scheduling of facilities will be managed to minimize spatial conflict and overcrowding of campus resources.

Spaces that are available for reservation include:

  1. Academic and Non-Academic Facility Space. Spaces are available for reservation with varying room sizes, audio/visual capabilities as well as seating, table, and configuration options. These spaces are traditionally used for meetings, programs, presentations, socials, and other similar events.
  2.  Athletic Space. These spaces are generally used for activities such as summer camps.  All athletic reservation space will have athletic priority before any other reservations can be made.
  3.  Outdoor Event Space. Areas located throughout campus are available for reservation with varying sizes to accommodate the needs of the users. These spaces are traditionally used for events, programs, and socials that would be well suited for large and open outside venues. 

All prospective users of reservable campus facilities must submit requests thru the Office of Events via the appropriate Ad Astra request form (preferred method), office email (, or by phone at 479-964-0583 ext. 2505. All student organizations must submit their requests thru their RSO page using theLink. It is important to understand you are submitting a REQUEST. Reservation of space and event approvals is not guaranteed for every request.

The Office of Events can serve each group only to the extent that information is supplied through the request. Please be accurate, complete, and timely in requesting room reservations, set ups, and additional audio visual equipment if needed. Office of Events will assign rooms and space according to the most appropriate use of the area requested as identified in the reservation process. The demands on the facility as well as the size of your event will be considered in determining space assignments.

Approval and confirmation by the Office of Events must be received before an event is planned or publicized. Once approved, the event will then be assigned to the proper venue event coordinator to assist you with all your final planning needs. If the event is a Summer Camp or Conference you will be referred to the Office of Camps and Conferences after approval of your event to follow and complete your registration process. To learn more see the ATU Camps and Conferences Procedure Manual for ATU Camps and Conferences.

The Office of Events recommends reservations for campus facilities be received by the least ten (10) business days in advance of the planned event for internal campus requests and at least twenty (20) business days in advance for external requests. Proposed events of significant scale may require additional lead time. The Office of Events will review submissions within three (3) business days. The Office of Events will make every effort to get the event approved if submitting after the deadline date, if space and resources is available. If the event request form is submitted within 24 hours of the event there is no guarantee that it will be approved.

Reservations can be made up to one year in advance for non-academic space that is made available under this policy. Academic spaces may be available after the class schedules have been established for each semester (October 1/ April 1). University Supported or Registered Student Organizations are able to reserve University facilities for events until 5 p.m. on the last day of class each semester, providing the event has been approved via the proper process. Registered Student Organizations are able to reserve facilities for the upcoming academic year beginning on May 15 annually.

A space may be placed on hold for ten (10) business days. Groups requesting a hold on a space will receive an email listing the space as “on hold”. Holds will be released after two weeks if not confirmed.  If a room “on hold” is requested by another group for the same date, the Office of Events will contact the group holding the room to either confirm the reservation or release the room within two (2) business days.  

A cancellation due to inclement weather must be made at least four (4) hours before the event. Inclement weather is defined as any weather event that would reasonably prohibit the safe facilitation of the scheduled event to include, but not limited to, rain, lighting, wind, snow or ice. If Arkansas Tech University closes because of inclement weather the event will be cancelled. Please contact the Office of Events to reschedule.

Uses of Arkansas Tech University spaces and grounds are divided into three categories:

Category 1- Arkansas Tech University event

Administration, Faculty, Staff, University Supported Organizations and Registered Student Organizations.  An “event” is defined as any university activity that is not a regularly scheduled academic class or intercollegiate athletic event. The reserving department or organization must be the user of the space and present at the event. Students who are not members of a Registered Student Organization may request space for such purposes as required for their academic classes (projects, study sessions, etc.) and students with the intent to explore the creation of a new Registered Student Organization are eligible to make reservations in certain non-academic facilities and designated outdoor spaces. There is no charge for facility fees but the user may be responsible for any direct expenses including personnel and equipment rental.


Category 2- Arkansas Tech University Co-Sponsored events

University Co-Sponsored Events are academic programs, conferences and/or meetings involving two entities- a University school, academic department, administrative unit or student organization and an outside organization, such as a professional association, in which the University holds membership or maintains a relationship that directly benefits the University community. An individual faculty, staff, or student membership in an organization does not necessarily make an event of that organization an integral part of the University’s mission.

The following criteria must be met in order for the event to be considered co-sponsored:

  1.  Support from an appropriate academic dean or vice president to ensure that the University’s educational mission is properly maintained. Co-sponsorship will be established after receipt and approval of a letter written by the department chair or director.
  2. The on-campus department will provide an ATU contact/coordinator for the event.
  3.   A member of the on-campus department must be on-site at all times.
  4. In order to minimize liability risks, the University may also require a Certificate of General Liability Insurance depending on the nature of the activity and at the University’s discretion.
  5. All co-sponsored conferences and events must have the University name and logo on all conference materials, including all marketing and pre-conference publications. Publications should also be pre-approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Because the event will be co-sponsored by the University there is no charge for facility fees but the user may be responsible for any direct expenses including personnel and equipment rental.

Category 3- External

External events are campus events for groups or individuals that exist primarily outside of the organizational structure of Arkansas Tech University. External events can be located at: Specific Classrooms and Conference Rooms, Doc Bryan Student Services Multipurpose Room 242, Chambers West Dining Room, Williamson Dining Room, and at Witherspoon Auditorium. To have an event on campus interested parties need to:

  • Review the Office of Events policies and guidelines.
  •  Provide full disclosure of necessary details pertaining to the event being planned on campus.

External events will be charged full facility fees according to the University’s Facilities Fee Schedule and will also be responsible for any direct expenses or associated costs. Category 3 users may be required to provide the University with a certificate of general liability insurance not less than $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 in the aggregate. Depending on the nature of the activity and at the University’s discretion, this amount may increase. The certificate of insurance must name Arkansas Tech University as additional insured and specify the date(s) of the covered event.

The facility fee represents a “four walls” rental, or basic use of space. Other fees may be assessed for staffing, technical support or use of equipment.

Food, beverage and catering services may only be obtained through the University’s recognized food service provider. Arkansas Tech University’s food service provider, Chartwells, has exclusive domain over food service activity on the Arkansas Tech University Russellville campus. 

All members of the University community, lessees of University facilities and guests are required to comply with federal, state, and local laws regarding the possession, consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

All students, employees, and visitors who park a motor vehicle on campus must have a parking permit at all times. These permits can be obtained by the Arkansas Tech Department of Public Safety.

Special event parking that attracts off campus visitors (non students / non employees of ATU), should be coordinated at least five (5) business days in advance with the Arkansas Tech Department of Public Safety. Students and employees of ATU must always display a valid parking permit and park in their designated areas, even while attending events on campus.

For events expecting a large audience, there will be hourly charges for a University Police officer. The number of personnel will be determined by the Arkansas Tech Department of Public Safety. There is a minimum of 4 hours per officer. The Arkansas Tech DPS should be contacted ten (10) business days in advance. Any event over 200 people in attendance, a minimum of 2 officers will be present.  Also for any events that run after midnight there will be at a minimum of 2 officers for the event.

The use of the name Arkansas Tech University, for purposes other than to indicate the location of the event, must be approved in advance by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Permission to use the University’s name or images, when granted, shall include the understanding that such permission does not involve, expressly or by implication, any endorsement or sponsor relations with Arkansas Tech University. In cases where a sponsor relationship between the University and the organization does not exist, this relationship shall be clearly set forth in all applicable documentation.

Requests for the use of campus space for the purpose of filming or photography requires the approval of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The Office of the Registrar maintains the schedule of all classroom activity connected with Arkansas Tech University academic programs and has first priority with regard to Arkansas Tech University space. The Office of Events has the authority for booking event space not related to regularly scheduled classes.

Priority in the event of a scheduling conflict is as follows:

  1. Academic use to support the on-going instructional program of the institution
  2. University use
    1. Office of the President
    2. Vice Presidents or Athletic Director
    3. Faculty
    4. Staff
    5. University Supported Organizations
    6. University Registered Student Organizations
  3. University Co-Sponsored Event
  4. External events

In the event that the Office of Events feels it must deny a request for the use of campus facilities, the Director of the Office of Events will document the reason for such denial and the requestor will be notified.

Events will not be scheduled for external entities during periods when the university is closed or observed holidays. The exception is the events planned in celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The university is not considered closed on weekends.

If it is necessary to cancel a reservation, the requesting party should notify the Office of Events at least two (2) business days prior to the reservation. Once it has been cancelled in the Office of Events the assigned venue event coordinator will be notified. Cancellations can be submitted via email, in person, or online through the cancellation form.

Office of Events holds the right to cancel any reservation thirty (30) days prior to the event in order to meet the needs of the University.

No organization may request a location for another organization’s use. Event requests must be submitted by the intending organization and are not allowed to be transferred between organizations.

Events/activities may not block or impede hallway or emergency exits of the free flow of intended building or campus traffic. All exit lights are not to be tampered with in any way.

The number of participants for an event cannot exceed room or facility capacities as established by the fire marshal.

The organization/department must take proper care of the building and its equipment and is responsible for leaving the room clean and in the same condition as when the event started. The space should be free and clear of all trash and debris, and all decorative materials removed.  The user and/or his organization are solely responsible for any damage, loss, accidents or injuries to persons or property that are a result or arise out of the use of Arkansas Tech University facilities and agrees to indemnify and hold Tech harmless from any claims, lawsuits, or grievances that arise from user/organizations use of the premises. All users are responsible for the conduct of their members and guests.

Meeting rooms will be in an “As Is” set up unless other arrangements are requested and approved by the venue event coordinator assigned to your event.

Nothing is to be taped, tacked, nailed or otherwise adhered to the walls in any manner. Confetti, glitter, streamers, and candles are prohibited in meeting rooms. No open flames (including candles) are allowed.

Animals, other than those trained to assist the disabled, are not permitted in University facilities (Jerry excluded).

Effective, August 1, 2009, use of any tobacco product, including but not limited to smoking, dipping, or chewing tobacco is prohibited on campus.  Use or possession of any illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.