Student Information

Arkansas Tech University is committed to ensuring that qualified students have access to academic programs, facilities, and activities.

  1. Will receive appropriate, reasonable accommodations in a timely manner.

  2. Are responsible for notifying faculty and the Office of Disability Services (DS) of their need for an accommodation in a timely manner.

  3. May meet privately with faculty and the Director of DS when discussing the effects of their disability and need for accommodations.

  4. Can expect all information and documentation related to their disability will be treated confidentially by the university.

  5. Are expected to advocate on their own behalf with regard to requesting services and communicating with staff and faculty.

  6. Must meet the same essential core requirements of a program or activity as any other student, regardless of ability.

  7. Are responsible for notifying faculty and the Office of DS if an accommodation is not being implemented or is ineffective in providing access to an educational program or activity.

  8. Are required to adhere to all procedures and requirements of University Testing and DS when using testing/proctoring services.

  9. Should notify DS when accommodations are no longer needed.

  10. Must schedule an appointment with the Office of DS before the start of classes or early in the term to renew accommodations or when a change is made to the students course schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your rights and responsibilities with regard to disability and accommodations, please contact Liz Means, Director of Testing and Disability Services at 968-0302.