Information for Parents

The transition from high school to college can be a difficult time for the parents of a student with a disability. Up until now, you have been required to play an essential role in their academic life.

We recognize that you may have reservations about your student's transition to higher education and may feel compelled to be a part of their accommodation planning at the post-secondary level. We want to assure parents that we have the student’s best interests in mind and given the opportunity, will assume the role of becoming the student’s advocate.

Understanding that you may be concerned about your son or daughter’s ability to effectively convey their needs and speak up on their own behalf, we ask for your assistance in preparing your student for the university experience by taking the following steps:

  • Assist the student in becoming informed about their disability and history of accommodations.
  • Ensure the student understands and can effectively communicate their needs, strengths, interests, and challenges.
  • Allow the student the opportunity to practice stating their needs and asking pertinent questions.

We believe taking these steps will help the student in becoming a competent self‑advocate and pave the way for satisfying experiences with staff and faculty upon arriving at the university.