Faculty Member Information

Arkansas Tech University is committed to ensuring students with disabilities have access to academic programs, facilities, and activities. Faculty members play an essential and significant role in this process. The following guidelines are offered as an aid to faculty members in honoring legal requirements and integrating students with disabilities into the university setting.


  1. Are encouraged to include a statement in the course syllabus notifying students of the procedure for requesting academic accommodations. It is also helpful to make a classroom announcement in addition to the syllabus statement.

  2. May expect students to initiate accommodations requests. However, faculty members are encouraged to speak with students and direct them to the Office of Disability Services (DS) if they suspect a disability related issue is impacting a students ability to succeed in the academic setting.

  3. May request verification from DS of a students eligibility for accommodations. However, students do not have to disclose the nature of their disability to anyone other than the Director of DS.

  4. Are asked to work with the Office of DS to identify and implement appropriate accommodations for students.

  5. Are not expected to implement accommodations which fundamentally alter the essential requirements of a course or implement an accommodation that is unreasonable.

  6. Are asked to implement accommodations in a manner which protects the students right to confidentiality and does not call undue attention to the student or divulge in any way, to the extent practical, that the student has a disability.

  7. Can expect the Office of University Testing to administer and proctor exams in accordance with faculty instructions in a secure and monitored environment.

  8. Are not responsible for implementing accommodations for students who are not registered with DS and who do not have a current Letter of Accommodation on file.

The Office of DS serves as the liaison between students with disabilities and faculty. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights and responsibilities with regard to serving students with disabilities, please contact Liz Means, Director of Testing and Disability Services at 968-0302.