Request for Accommodations

Welcome to the Arkansas Tech University Office of Disability Services (DS). Our mission is to contribute to and enhance the quality of life for students with disabilities by removing barriers to their academic success. We work with each student to formulate a plan unique to their circumstances taking into account their learning history and personal experiences.

Students are responsible for notifying DS of their need for accommodations. Requests for accommodations should be initiated in a timely manner to allow for coordination of services with faculty and staff. Accommodations are not retro-active, therefore students are encouraged to meet with a DS Coordinator before the start of classes or early in the semester if they suspect an accommodation is necessary.

Note: While documentation is not necessary to initiate this process, the Coordinator reserves the right to request formal documentation to substantiate disability and determine appropriate accommodations.

  1. Complete a Request for Accommodations form. Hard copy forms may be obtained by contacting the Office of Disability Services in the Doc Bryan Student Services Building, Suite 171. Students seeking accommodations related to university owned housing should complete the Request Form for Disability Services Housing Accommodations. Please notify the office if an alternative format is required.
  2. Return the completed forms along with any associated documentation to the Office of Disability Services. Forms may be faxed to (479) 968-0375, dropped off in person, or sent via-email to Alternately, you may send the forms via U.S. mail to: 

    Office of Disability Services
    Doc Bryan Student Services Building, Suite 171
    1605 Coliseum Drive
    Russellville, AR 72801
  3. Complete Release of Information forms for each service provider (for example, physician, specialist, counselor, or agency) who can supply documentation on your behalf. You may return the completed forms to Disability Services and we will fax the documentation directly to the provider if you do not have records to send in along with your completed request forms.
  4. In the absence of documentation, students are encouraged to contact the office for an appointment with a coordinator in order to evaluate any immediate needs and determine if provisional accommodations are warranted pending the receipt and evaluation of any required formal documentation. 
  5. Upon the receipt and review of the student’s documentation, a coordinator/designee will contact the student to schedule an intake interview. This interview is an interactive, in-depth discussion between the coordinator and student typically lasting for approximately an hour. Students are expected to meet privately with their coordinator and should be prepared to discuss the following subjects during their interview:
    • The impact of their disabilities on their academics, social interactions, extracurricular activities and living            environment (if requesting housing accommodations)
    • Their accommodation history
    • The accommodations they are requesting for the upcoming semester
  6. The coordinator will develop an individualized plan for the student taking into account the student’s documentation and insights developed from the intake interview. After verification of the student’s eligibility for accommodations, a letter will be provided to the student formally recommending implementation of reasonable accommodations in the form of academic adjustments or other modifications appropriate to their needs.
  7. Students are responsible for meeting with their instructors to discuss their accommodation plan. In no instance is a student required to share the nature of their disability with anyone other than DS. However, the student should be prepared to discuss how their disability impacts their ability to participate in academic programs and activities. Faculty members should meet privately with students in order to ensure confidentiality.
  8. Accommodations are effective for the duration of the semester unless otherwise noted in the accommodation plan. Students are responsible for notifying their coordinator each semester if they have a continued need for accommodations.

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