Accommodation Information

The following guidelines should be used by students when requesting accommodations.

  1. Students must notify the Office of Disability Services (DS) if they have a need for an accommodation due to disability.

  2. A request for services, or intake form, must be completed by each student seeking accommodations from the Office of DS. This form may be accessed online through the DS website, obtained by contacting the DS offices at 968-0302, or in Doc Bryan Student Services Building, Suite 171. If an alternative format is required please notify the Director of DS.

  3. Students must meet with the Director for an intake interview and be prepared to discuss the specifics of how their disability impacts their ability to access educational programs, facilities, and activities. While documentation is not required in order to initiate this process, the Director reserves the right to request formal documentation to substantiate disability and determine appropriate accommodations. It is also helpful for students to provide copies of their course syllabi at the time of their intake meeting.

  4. Requests for services should be initiated in a timely manner to allow for coordination of services with faculty and staff. Accommodations are not retro-active, therefore students are encouraged to meet with the Director before the start of classes or early in the term if they suspect an accommodation is necessary.

  5. Students who are eligible for accommodations will receive a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) outlining the services which will be provided to the student. Students are responsible for meeting with their instructors to discuss the LOA.

  6. In no instance is a student required to share the nature of their disability with anyone other than DS; however they should be prepared to discuss how their disability impacts their ability to participate in academic programs and activities. Faculty members should meet privately with students in order to ensure confidentiality.

  7. Accommodations will be effective for the duration of the term. Students will need to follow-up with the Office of DS at the beginning of each subsequent term in order to request and receive continued accommodations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding accommodations, please contact Liz Means, Director of Testing Disability Services at 968-0302.