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Controller Offices Located at 404 N. El Paso
The offices of Accounting, Accounts Payable, Disbursing and the Controller relocated to 404 N. El Paso Russellville on March 22-24, 2023. 


As an office of Administration and Finance, the Controller's Office has a mission to provide accountability for University resources and appropriate dissemination of financial information to maximize the use of University resources in compliance with Federal and State legislation, Federal and State policies, ATU Board of Trustees policies and procedures, Arkansas Tech University polices and procedures, and requirements of external funding sources. We perform these duties via the accounting, accounts payable, and disbursing functions. We strive to provide excellent customer service to both our campus community and University vendors in order to foster a strong environment of compliance. You may reach our offices at the contact information found below. 

If you have a question about:

  • Accounts Payable, purchase orders, honorariums, or pre-pays, please contact Jennifer Taylor for invoices beginning with A-L at (479)498-6032 ext. 2316, Traci Halsted for invoices beginning with M-Z at (479)964-0583 ext.2311.  You may also email the Accounts Payable department at
  • Accounting and disbursing polices, please contact Suzanne McCall at 964-0898 or
  • Agency balances, student club balances, and departmental charges please contact the Accounting Office at 968-0395 or

News and Announcements

Student Gift, Prize, and Award Reporting Amount Increased
The Controller's Office has approved increasing the reporting threshold from $50 to $75 for all student gifts, prizes and awards. This change effects only the use of the Reporting Form section of the Gift/Prize/Award form. Pre-approval is still required for all giveaways. See the Gift/Prize Award form link below. 

Fiscal Year 2024 Closing Memo-Please review the 2024 closing year memo for information and deadlines. 
May 1-Final day for requisitions for items at or exceeding $20,000 for bid.
June 3-Final day for Procurement and Travel requisition entry. 
June 7-Final day for Pcard purchases and TR-1s for travel FY 24.
June 14-Final day for invoices and signed departmental POs submitted to Accounts Payable.
It is essential to adhere to these dates as we move toward the close of the fiscal year. Please reach out to our offices with any  questions. 

Disburing Policies Sign Up for Reimbursement Direct Deposit Today!

Gift Prize/Award Form-Required Prior to Advertising or Purchasing any Promotional or Giveway