Spring 2021 Well-Being Schedule

Spring 2021


 Recurring Events

WebEx link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m328344ddd9c7ab00bf078dc32b4a4750
Tuesday, January 19th, 7:00pm: The Warriors
Tuesday, February 16th, 7:00pm: Heathers
Tuesday, March 23th, 7:00pm: El Mariachi
Tuesday, April 20th, 7:00pm: Friday


One-Time Events:

Cleaning Up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf - http://podcast.drleaf.com/

The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast - https://brainwarriorswaypodcast.com/episodes/

Terrible, Thanks for Asking Podcast - https://www.apmpodcasts.org/ttfa/

Therapy for Black Girls -  https://www.therapyforblackgirls.com/podcast/

Anxiety Slayer with Shann and Ananga - https://anxietyslayer.podbean.com/

Mental Health Book Club Podcast - https://www.mentalhealthbookclub.com/

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes | Gregg Clunis - https://anchor.fm/tinyleaps

Food Psych - https://christyharrison.com/foodpsych

The Model Health Show - https://themodelhealthshow.com/podcasts/

Hidden Brain - https://www.npr.org/series/423302056/hidden-brain