Badging Program


CETL Badging Program


Faculty who participate in CETL events are asked to document their participation through a Google form located at the following link, Registering attendance helps CETL assess our programming and determine future offerings. In addition, each semester, CETL will send the faculty member a log of their participation to be included in their annual portfolio and tenure/promotion materials.

Faculty who participate in a number of related events, will receive a badge certificate based on their participation. The descriptions of three levels of badging are given below. Badges demonstrate a faculty member's dedication to professional improvement and can be included in their annual portfolio and tenure/promotion materials.

Badges can be earned in the following areas:

  • Diversity in the Classroom
  • Well-Being
  • Open-Educational Resources

Recordings of past events can be used to earn a badge and can be found in the CETL Blackboard shell under Resources. After logging in to Blackboard, click on Organizations in the main menu to find the "Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning" shell. Once in the CETL shell, click on the "Resources" folder and then "Recordings of CETL Presentations."

Level 1: Skill Building/ Learner

  • Attend five different types of workshops, series events, or activities within two years.
  • Credit can be given for attending or participating in events for the initial badge.
  • Watching the recording of a previous event can count as attendance. Recordings can be found on the CETL Blackboard site.
  • If it is not an event (for example, an external training), a short reflection piece can be submitted for assessment and data collection.

Level 2: Implementing/ Innovator

  • Completion of Level 1
  • Use ideas learned in level 1 in the workplace via classes, curriculum, or workplace structure(s).
  • Create a video or written reflection about how the new skill was used to make changes in the workplace or classes, and submit to the CETL Advisory Board or Well-Being Committee for assessment tracking.

Level 3: Skill Teaching/ Leader

  • Completion of Level 2
  • Present a workshop teaching other faculty how to implement material learned into their workplace, classes or lives.
  • Possible presentation opportunities: Tech Talks, New Faculty Academy, Well-Being Committee Programming, external presentation.