Military Career Counseling

Military Career Counseling


The Military Career Counselor's office is designed to help ATU Students explore careers in our nation's military services. We conduct Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) testing and pre-qualification services in order to assist individuals in finding their path to a fulfilling career. Sometimes working with recruiters means that you are venturing into conversations where you do not know what you are getting into. 

The military Career Counselor can help you navigate the difficult terrain in joining service branches and finding the right career and the right recruiter for the job you want.

Want to look into ROTC? Our office helps get individuals join the program. Need information regarding benefits of services? We assist in getting you up-to-date information about current pay, entitlements, and benefits. 



Tuition Benefits

  • 100% Tuition and fees are covered through NGTW Program.(If National Guard)
  • Federal Tuition Assistance rate at $4,800 per year and ATU gives 25% discount.


CH 33 Post 9/11 G.I. Bill Rate

  • 100% Tuition and fees
  • BAH Level according to rank pending percentage.

CH 30 Active Duty Rate

  • Full-time enrollment: $2,210.00 for each full month
  • 3/4-time enrollment: $1,657.50 for each full month
  • 1/2-time enrollment: $1,105.00 for each full month

CH 1606 Selected Reserve Rate

  • Full-time enrollment: $439.00 for each full month
  • 3/4-time enrollment: $329.00 for each full month
  • 1/2-time enrollment: $219.00 for each full month
  • Less than 1/2-time enrollment: $109.75 for each full month



GI BILL "KICKER"         

  • The Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) "Kicker" Program was implemented during Fiscal Year 2000. Initially, only non-prior service (NPS) and prior service (PS) personnel who enlisted in a critical MOS (as designated by DOD) were eligible for an additional "kicker" incentive. In November, 2000, the "Kicker" Incentive Program was expanded to include ROTC/SMP cadets. Monthly "kicker" amounts vary from $100 to $350 per month and are payable only when Kicker-eligible Soldiers are also eligible for the MGIB-SR basic. The MGIB basic amount varies depending upon the number of approved courses an individual is enrolled in each semester.         





  Join to attend Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) the summers between spring and fall semesters pending approval through degree path mapping and advisor assitance. 


Fort Jackson, SC        Fort Leonard Wood, MO         Fort Benning, GA        Fort Sill OK


E-1 - $4,898.43 

E-2 - $5,001.95 

E-3 - $5,259.95




- 17 years of age

- Junior/Senior in HS (on track to graduate)

- High School Graduate or GED

- No Serious Health Issues (within height/weight requirements)

- No Serious Law Violations

-US Citizen/Legal Permanent Resident


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