Biological Science Department

The Department of Biological Sciences promotes academic excellence and varied instructional approaches to foster the development of life-long learning in Arkansas Tech University students. The Department strives to: meet the general education needs of all undergraduates; provide specialized academic instruction appropriate for Departmental majors; and address ancillary instructional requirements beyond the scope of general education for outside majors. Departmental faculty contribute scholarly works to the wide array of disciplines embraced by our varied programs and degree offerings. The Department also provides expertise to individuals, academic entities, and professional societies. 

Degrees and Programs


Undergraduate Degrees





This program is designed with the flexibility to prepare students for a career within the biology field upon graduation or for graduate school should they choose to pursue that path.


This program teaches practical skills in animal and plant taxonomy and geographic information systems as well as chemical and biological assessment of water resources.
This program educates a diversity of people so they are able to make wise decisions and take prudent actions regarding the management, productivity, and sustainability of our fish and wildlife resources. 


The Nuclear Medicine Technology degree will train students to conduct imaging procedures for medical diagnosis with small amounts of radioactive materials.


                                         Graduate Degrees



This program was established in the Fall of 2000 to build on Arkansas Tech University's longstanding tradition of educating fisheries and wildlife professionals.


Students in the Department of Biological Sciences, except for Allied Health Science (AHS) program majors, are required to complete a common core consisting of:

  • An orientation course
  • Principles of Biology
  • Principles of Zoology
  • Principles of Botany
  • An ecology course
  • A seminar course
  • Two or more Chemistry Courses

Graduating seniors, except those in AHS programs, will be required to complete the Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT) in Biology as part of the assessment plan for the Department. Students will take the test during assessment week of the semester of planned graduation.

Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

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