Policies & Procedures

Communication with our various publics in an effective, consistent manner should be a top priority as we continue to grow. Therefore, I ask you to follow these standards in all of your official communication. In addition to the standards outlined in this style guide, there is a centralized review process implemented to support carrying out your publication and communication needs. Direct any questions to the Office of Public and External Relations. We have a unique and successful story to tell, and with this process the story will be communicated clearly, reinforcing why an education at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is a valuable, quality one. We can be proud and enthusiastic about the results that will follow.

Name: In a continued effort to unify the look of our correspondences and publications it is necessary for all personnel to present our name in writing accordingly:

Formal: Arkansas Tech University-Ozark CampusInformal: Arkansas Tech-Ozark

Correspondence:All campus correspondence represents our professionalism and is a reflection of the university. Please remember to send letters on our letterhead and choose a professional font style. Your signature is a reflection of your professionalism; always sign your name in blue or black ink.

Format for Memorandums and Fax Cover Sheets: Attached are samples for you to follow when producing memorandums and fax cover sheets. Please use Times New Roman font. No need to put individual office information, i.e. "From the Office of "

The Office of Public Relations will assist you in designing and publishing information. Please note the guidelines below when gathering information to provide our office when publications are needed in the following categories:

Event Planning: The event coordinator is responsible for contacting the Office of Public Relations to coordinate the marketing and advertising for their event. A meeting request should be sent at least two months in advance of your event, if possible. For your reference, attached is an event planner and checklist with steps that should be completed for all university events.

Emergency Notification:Arkansas Tech-Ozark has activated an emergency early warning text messaging system as an additional means of communicating with the campus community during emergency situations on the Ozark Campus. While no campus, city or other entity can ever be totally prepared for every eventuality that might befall its students, the local authorities and its campus partners feel that a continued review of these dynamic response plans will serve us well. We will continue, as we always have, to exercise and hone these plans. We will continue to examine the current methods of notification, as well as explore newer technologies that might enhance our abilities to get emergency messages out to more people quickly, whether for a tornado warning, storm alert, terrorist threat or to warn of any person threatening our campus.

To receive notification via the Campus Emergency & Outreach Notification (CEON) text-message system, visit www.atu.edu/ozark/emergency.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, Arkansas Tech-Ozark may be unable to operate our normal schedule. When classes are cancelled or campus is closed for inclement weather, the following television and radio stations will be notified by 6 a.m.:

KDYN 92.7 (Ozark/Clarksville) KISR 93.7 (Fort Smith) KKBD 95.9 (Fort Smith) KZBB 97.9 (Fort Smith) KMAG 99.1 (Fort Smith) KTCS 99.9 (Fort Smith) KXIO 106.9 (Clarksville) KWHN AM 1320 (Fort Smith) KHBS 40/29 (Fort Smith) KFSM Ch. 5 (Fort Smith) KNWA (Fayetteville) KARK (Little Rock) KATV (Little Rock) KTHV (Little Rock) KLRT (Little Rock)

When daytime classes are canceled, night classes also are canceled.

The outlying areas sometimes experience inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.). Even though the campus is not closed in these events, all faculty, staff and students are advised to use their judgment in determining if the roads are safe to travel. Remember, your safety is our utmost concern!

Please note that our campus emergency notification text system will not be used to notify faculty, staff and students of campus closure due to inclement weather.

Invitations: Standard campus invitations have been designed and are available for campus events through the Office of Public Relations. To process your event invitation mailing, simply contact our office 45 days prior to the event. A proof will be provided for you to approve prior to printing. You should have your event invitation in the mail 30 days prior to the event.

Logo: Please see the Office of Public Relations for a copy when needed. University policy requires approval before you make any changes to the logo and approval must come through the public information officer.

Posters:The Office of Public Relations has pre-printed posters with our logo and style. Please make arrangements with our office one week in advance for production of any poster you wish to be posted on the campus. Events should be posted two weeks prior to the date of the event/activity.

Press Releases:The Office of Public Relations is the news bureau for Arkansas Tech-Ozark. Please direct any/all requests through our office. For your convenience, a Press Release Request Form is attached and must be utilized to initiate advertising/promotions for the campus.

Printed Publications: Any time you are distributing information for the campus it should look professional. All departmental forms/information that are distributed on a regular basis should be printed. Please contact the Office of Public Relations for all printing needs.

Public Service Announcements: We send public service announcements to newspaper, radio and television stations in our coverage area on the first of each month, if you have information that youd like to have announced please provide it to our office on/before the 25th of each month.

Social Media: Emerging platforms for online collaboration are fundamentally changing the way we work by offering new ways to engage students, future students and their parents, faculty/staff and supporters. Arkansas Tech-Ozark recognizes the importance of social media and the necessity to take part in the global conversation. We currently support Facebook and Twitter social media applications. Please provide our office with the information you would like to publish on the social media sites in writing, and we will publish the information as quickly as possible.

Web Site: The Office of Public Relations is responsible for publishing information to our official website www.atu.edu/ozark and we ask that when you need a change, update and/or a new page built for your department, please contact us and we will arrange a meeting to discuss and implement your request in accordance to the universitys web guidelines.

Thank you!