Departmental Scholarship
Contact Person: Jennifer Coleman, MNSc, RN, APN
FAX: (479) 968-0219 - (Send Attention: Jennifer Coleman)

Deadline: March 15th. Can be e-mail or faxed.


Other Scholarship Info:
Contact: Christi Brown (479) 968-0400   
Visit our bulletin board across from Dean 213 for posted notices 

Air Force Nurse Corps (click here)

Coursey Enterprises, Inc - First Year Nursing Student Scholarship (click here)

Edward Craig Smith Scholarship - See Mrs. Coleman

RN to BSN Online - Scholarships and Jobs (click here) (Note: Use Google Chrome)

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship (click here)

Valor Program - See Mrs. Coleman

Arkansas Nursing Scholarship
Apply for the CampusRN - Arkansas Nursing Scholarship
Visit CampusRN to apply for the $2500.00 regional scholarship.

Nursing Jobs Arkansas
Search Nursing Jobs and Healthcare Jobs
Visit CampusRN to search for thousands of jobs and scholarships.