Shared Governance Committee


Shared Governance Committee



The Shared Governance Committee shall consist of 11 members, drawn from faculty and from administrators / department heads.  The members are as follows: 

                Representing the faculty:

                               The Faculty Senate chair or his/her designee (a senator)

                               One faculty member from each college

                                A representative chosen by the ATU-Ozark Faculty Senate

                Representing the administration:

                               The University President or his/her designee

                               The VPAA or his/her designee (a vice president, associate vice president, or assistant vice president)

                               A representative from the Deans Council

                               A representative from the Department Heads Council

                               An administrator from the ATU-Ozark campus


Annually, the Shared Governance Committee will elect co-chairs, one each from the Faculty and Administration representatives.  The VPAA will serve as administrative liaison. *Updated to reflect academic college restructure effective July 1, 2022.



“Shared Governance” is defined elsewhere in this handbook.  The function of the Shared Governance Committee is as follows:  to educate the university community about the meaning, importance, and responsibilities of shared governance; to maintain a list of shared governance practice / policy goals; to recognize best practices; and to identify and review reports of shared governance concerns, suggesting how such situations can be addressed.  The functions of the committee are not intended to duplicate other university or campus committees, such as the Faculty Senate or the campus chapter of the AAUP.


For membership, click here then open the current Standing Committees Membership document.