Cleaning Procedures


Cleaning Procedures


ATU’s department of custodial services are working hard on cleaning and sanitizing many areas more frequently. To make that happen we have shifted some resources to increase the frequency of cleaning restrooms and other high touch surfaces in high traffic areas. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • building entrance handles
  • elevator push buttons
  • front counters in office suites
  • restroom door handles and partitions
  • computer lab tables and keyboards

Read more about Custodial Service's specific cleaning procedures on Facilities Management's website




Office Cleaning

Following the CDC’s guidelines, we recommend faculty and staff should clean parts of their office every day. This includes:

  • your desk
  • your phone
  • hard surfaces on your chair such as the arms
  • your keyboard and mouse
  • your office doorknob, both inside and outside 

It is especially important to clean throughout the day if you work in a shared office or have visitors. 

Classroom Cleaning

To maintain cleanliness in shared teaching spaces, faculty should clean the teaching station in their classroom before and after their class. This includes:

  • keyboard and mouse
  • touchscreens
  • remote controls or any other buttons that may be contaminated

It is also recommended that students should clean their desk before they use it too. In computer labs we recommend all students to clean the keyboard and mouse before using it as well.

Cleaning Supplies 

We are continuing to provide cleanning supplies to classrooms and offices across campus. If you need attional cleaning supplies, please visit the Facilities Management's website

Your health and safety is our priority. Following these recommendations will help protect you and others so that together, we can FIGHT ON!