ATU Ozark Accommodations

Covid update: At this time staff is prioritizing electronic and virtual communication and meetings with students. Meetings will take place via phone or webex unless otherwise noted to promote the health and safety of staff and students. 

Welcome to Arkansas Tech University - Ozark Campus. Student Accommodations are managed by the ADA Coordinator at the ATU - Ozark Campus. We are committed to an inclusive educational environment and actively promote the removal of barriers related to disability. We work with each student to formulate a plan unique to their circumstances taking into account their learning history and personal experiences. 

Students must self-disclose their disability status and formally seek adjustments through the ADA Coordinator. Requests for accommodations should be initiated in a timely manner to allow for the coordinator of services with faculty and staff. Accommodations are not retro-active, therefore students are encouraged to request accommodations and meet with the ADA Coordinator prior to the start of classes or early in the semester if they suspect an accommodation to be necessary. 

Note: Although documentation is not necessary to initiate this process, the ADA Coordinator reserves the right to request formal documentation as an aid in determining appropriate adjustments on behalf of the university. 

Students may complete a request for service at: Ozark Accommodations Request Form

Please contact the ADA Coordinator at if an alternative format is required. 

Upon the receipt and review of the student’s request and associated documentation, the student will be notified via One Tech email to schedule an intake interview. This interview is an interactive, in-depth discussion between the ADA Coordinator and student that may last up to 1 hour. 

Students are expected to meet privately with the ADA Coordinator and should be prepared to discuss the following subjects during their interview: 

  • Impact of their disabilities on their academics
  • Their accommodation history
  • The accommodations they are requesting for the current or upcoming semester

Upon completion of the student’s intake interview and review of any associated documentation, the ADA Coordinator will develop an individualized plan for the student. Students who are eligible for accommodations will receive a Notification of Eligibility via One Tech Email outlining accommodations for which they are approved.  

Note: All accommodations are based on the premise of it being a reasonable accommodation. Some accommodations may require more consultation with instructors to determine if the particular accommodation can be met in that course and semester review.

Accommodation Notifications are delivered directly to faculty via One Tech email with the student CC’d on the email after the student has completed a release of information. 

Students are encouraged to make arrangements to meet privately with faculty to ensure that both parties understand the approved accommodations. Students may be asked to share how their disability impacts their ability to participate in academic programs and activities and should be prepared to discuss this information. 

Note: In no instance is a student required to reveal the nature of their disability  or provide documentation of their disability to anyone other than the ADA Coordinator.

In preparation for each semester, students who have approved eligible accommodations must renew their accommodations by communicating that they wish to continue their accommodations.  Renewal can be accessed through the ATU Ozark Accommodation Renewal Request this form will also be emailed to all students currently receiving accommodations.