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Searching for Articles in findit

Use find it  and limit your search to Articles. Once you have searched for a title, author, or subject you can narrow your search under Refine My Results on the left hand side of the page. Under Resource Type, you can select Articles, Newspaper Articles, Reviews, etc.. Under Location, you can select a specific database, if you'd like You can also narrow by date, if you need to search for articles from a specific date range. You can also specify on the left hand side of the page to Show Only Peer-reviewed journals and articles that are available Full Text Online. 

While findit can retrieve full-text results from most of our databases, there are some specialized databases it does not include. You can view our complete list of databases at A-Z Databases and search for databases by subject or name. You can then search for articles within a particular database. 

Search by Journal Title

To find articles in a specific journal, you can search the A-Z eJournals, type in the name of the journal. In the search results click on View Online under the journal title, and select the database to view the journal. 

You can also browse the print journals, magazines, and newspapers we have on the shelves in the Library. 


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