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The degree program will include classes in mathematical theory, statistical modeling, computer programming, economics and business analytics.

The Department of Mathematics offers two other curricula which lead to the bachelor of science degree. One is designed for students planning to pursue advanced degrees or obtain non-academic employment upon graduation. It includes a sufficient number of elective hours which the student may use to develop his/her interests, or to fulfill requirements for a second major.

Graduate institutions at which TECH graduates have obtained advanced degrees in mathematics or related fields include the University of Virginia, Oklahoma State University, the University of Texas, the University of Kentucky, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Arkansas.

Non-academic areas of employment include the following: insurance/financial consulting, actuarial science, systems engineering, USAF officer, US Navy officer, environmental consultant, and retail management.

The other curriculum leads to a license to teach. In virtually every region of Arkansas there are TECH graduates teaching middle school, junior, and senior high mathematics. This curriculum meets NCATE and NCTM guidelines for teacher preparation.

The Department has twenty full-time faculty and approximately fifty-five majors. Small class sizes allow TECH students to enjoy individual attention by faculty.

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Degrees and Programs


The curriculum provides students with a background in mathematics that prepares them for graduate level work in mathematics or for a career in industries such as the technology or data analytics fields.

Mathematics Education 

Advanced work through teaching internships are required for the program to achieve the licensure requirements in grades 7 through 12. 


The B.S. in Applied Statistics is tailored to professionals who may be working with data and statistics in any industry. The degree includes courses in mathematics, statistical modeling, computer programming, economics, and business analytics. This program prepares students to manage data, produce informative visualizations of data, and are guided by fundamental statistical principles. 



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