After 76 years away from home, Jerry the Bulldog has returned to Arkansas Tech to represent all Wonder Boys and Golden Suns as campus ambassador.

Jerry was adopted as campus ambassador by proclamation of the Arkansas Tech Student Government Association during its meeting at the Doc Bryan Student Services Center on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013.

Jerry was a daily part of life at Arkansas Tech in the mid-1930s. He was owned by William O. Young, who served as business manager for Arkansas Tech from 1917-42 and acted as interim president of the college from 1923-25; and his son, Robert A. Young Sr., who grew up to serve as purchasing agent, business manager, vice president for business affairs and vice president for administration for Arkansas Tech from 1941-84 and as interim president in 1972.

Jerry spent much of his time on campus at the armory (now known as the Stroupe Building) with National Guard Battery F. The students and guardsmen there adopted Jerry as if he was their own.

Reports from an Arka Tech student newspaper article of the era say that Jerry exhibited “determination” and that his only bad habit seemed to be a fondness for chewing on shoes.

The Feb. 26, 1936, article went on to state that Jerry was “always present at anything of importance at the armory,” which was a social center of campus at that time and the site of Arkansas Tech home basketball games.

When Jerry passed away in late 1937, the headline in the Arka Tech proclaimed “Campus Loses Mascot in Passing of Jerry.”

Now, Jerry is back.

Jerry represents an admirable characteristic that has defined Arkansas Tech for more than 100 years --- persistence. Jerry’s never-say-die attitude is reflected in the way Arkansas Tech has persevered through tough times. Jerry’s spirit lives inside the Tech students who overcome every obstacle to realize the life-changing benefits of a college education. Jerry’s competitive drive is exemplified by the efforts of Wonder Boys and Golden Suns student-athletes on the fields and courts of play.

The intercollegiate athletics teams at Arkansas Tech will continue to be known by their historically significant nicknames --- Wonder Boys and Golden Suns.

Jerry Says Fight On!