Campus Energy Projects


Arkansas Tech Energy Management


Campus Energy Projects


CONTRACT TOTAL - $6,481,444





Arkansas Tech University selected Performance Services to implement a campus-wide energy savings project and Energy Leadership program utilizing the Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) Program. Essential improvements include LED lighting retrofits and building automation systems upgrades across the campus. In addition to these energy improvements, Energy Leadership program was implemented across the campus. An energy manager leads the behavioral-based energy awareness and cost reduction program, utilizing a web-based energy dashboard that provides real-time energy data to monitor and inform campus energy usage. Together, these improvements are expected to reduce annual utility costs by 13.8%.

Project Highlights

  • Energy Leadership program
  • LED lighting campus-wide upgrade (exterior and interior lighting)
  • Building automation controls upgrade
  • Fume hood retrofit and controls upgrades
  • Cafeteria exhaust hood conversion to VAV