Student Organizations 

Emergency Management, Professional Studies & Student Affairs Administration

Chi Sigma Alpha (XA)

Chi Sigma Alpha is an honor society for graduate students, faculty, and staff in higher education and student affairs. Based on the three pillars of academics, research, and service to the profession, Chi Sigma Alpha has chapters across the United States.

Epsilon Pi Alpha (EPP)

Epsilon Pi Phi (EPP) is an ACHS accredited honor society for emergency management, homeland security and business continuity related fields. Being invited to become a member is truly an honor and recognition of academic achievement and contribution to your field. Once a student is accepted into the honor society, they are a lifetime member.

College Student Personnel Association (CSPA)

The mission of the College Student Personnel Association at Arkansas Tech University is to encourage growth, change, and engagement in future student affairs professionals. We provide opportunities for professional growth.

Resilience in Disasters & Emergencies (R.I.D.E.)

Resilience is the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. In order to be resilient in disasters and emergencies, it is important to have the knowledge, training, and experience to withstand the disaster and recover quickly. RIDE is committed to providing opportunities for training, experience, service, and leadership to enable its members to become Resilient In Disasters and Emergencies while also having fun.

Kinesiology & rehabilitation Science

Kinesiology Club (Formerly HPEWS)

The purpose of this organization is:
1. Awaken a wide and intelligent interest in HPEWS.
2. Acquire and disseminate accurate information concerning these HPEWS programs.
3. Cooperate with and participate actively in the affairs of AAHPERD.
Contact: Mr. Pete Kelly (

Strength & Conditioning club

The Strength and Conditioning Club aims to provide further learning opportunities to students interested in the profession of strength and conditioning. Members will be able to meet for discussion on current topics, attend conferences and clinics to enhance their knowledge, connect theory and practice, and provide networking opportunities. Additional club events include but are not limited to hosting strength and conditioning seminars, presenting at clinics, and fundraisers. The club is open to any graduate or undergraduate student at ATU interested in pursuing an education or career in the strength and conditioning profession.

ATU Lifting Club

Looking for students who want to compete for and learn more about Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and other iron sports.


SPECTRUM is a Registered Student Organization devoted to the support and advocacy of the LGBTQIA2+ community on the Arkansas Tech University Campus. Our primary focus is to educate; our greatest enemy is ignorance. We strive to educate the campus and community in order to bring acceptance of diversity to Arkansas Tech University. We strive to eliminate discrimination under any basis. Anyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or academic achievement is welcome to be a part of SPECTRUM. We are an organization that provides a safe non-judgmental space to share ideas and to interact with one another. Keeping this in mind, we ask only that our members be willing to participate and to give their time and means to help our cause.


Student Nurses Association

The ATU Student Nurses Association is a service organization for nursing majors. The goal of the organization is to foster the professional development of nursing students.

Sigma Theta Tau - Omega Iota Chapter

Sigma Theta Tau is a national honor society for students, graduates and faculty. Sigma is an international community of nurses, dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, teaching, learning, and service through the cultivation of communities of practice, education, and research.

Teaching & Educational Leadership

Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA)

CMLA is a professional education organization for ATU students preparing to become middle level teachers.

Student National Education Association (SNEA or S-AEA)

SNEA is a student program of the National Education Association. It is for college students who are training to become educators. The focus is on teacher quality, political action, and community outreach.