Are you interested in increasing your leadership skills with a Leadership Studies minor? Contact your advisor today to register for LEAD 1003 Introduction to Leadership class.

The 18-hour interdisciplinary program is designed for undergraduate students wanting to gain leadership skills that can be applied to their involvement with co-curricular activities while they are pursuing their degree and also can be applied to their work in their chosen profession following graduation. Students will complete the minor with knowledge and experience so they may be better prepared to become leaders in both their professional careers and communities. This will be accomplished by offering students opportunities to practically apply what they have learned in the classroom into their real world experiences. In this program, students will be exposed to partners from the university, local, and state level leadership to role model, instruct, and mentor undergraduate students wanting to make a positive impact in their communities.

The curriculum includes courses specifically focused on leadership development, electives that are identified as leadership focused from a variety of disciplines, and will require completion of an internship (capstone seminar) that will have students put what they have learned in their leadership coursework into practical action.

What will a Leadership Studies minor enable students to do?

For more information, please contact Dr. Jeremy Schwehm, Program Coordinator at 479.356.2095 | jschwehm@atu.edu

The 18 hours for the Leadership Studies Minor is comprised of the following courses:

Approved Electives for Leadership Minor:

College of Arts and Humanities
PHIL 3023: Ethics
JOUR 3173: Public Relations Principles
PSY/SOC 4043: Social Psychology
COMM 3003: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4063: Organizational Communication

College of Business and Economic Development
AGLE 3003: Personal Leadership Theory and Development
AGLE 3013: Team Leadership and Organizational Change

MGMT 4123: Business Leadership

College of Education and Health
*EAM 3053: Introduction to Ethical and Legal Issues in Emergency Management
*EAM 3013: Public Policy and Politics in Emergency Management
*EAM 4043: Disaster and Emergency Management Ethics
*EAM 4063: Leadership
*LEAD 4103: Special Problems in Leadership

*OL 4143: Nonprofit Governance
*OL 4343: Community Development
*OL 4543: Workplace Supervision
*OL 4643: Organizational Globalization and Diversity

*courses can be completed online depending on availability 

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