Fisheries and Wildlife Degrees


ATU's fisheries and Wildlife program prepares students for a career in natural resource management. Our program cultivates a passion for  conservation through rigorus education and hands- on experiences.

Arkansas Tech's Fisheries and Wildlife Program's primary mission mirrors the University's mission in that we seek to improve student success, access, and excellence. We prepare a diverse group of students to pursue careers as field or research biologists and provide a sound ecological foundation so they can make wise decisions and take prudent actions regarding the management, productivity, and sustainability of our fish and wildlife resources. We accomplish this through undergraduate and graduate research projects, coursework, involvement in professional activities, and hands-on field and laboratory experiences.             

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Our Faculty

Our faculty in the Fisheries and Wildlife Department represent a diverse array of expertise and backgrounds, enriching our academic community with their breadth of knowledge and experience. Engaged in cutting-edge research and dedicated to excellence in teaching, our professors offer a comprehensive range of courses tailored to the needs of our students.

Fisheries and Wildlife Faculty