Drama Faculty Job Advertisement

Drama (We anticipate that 1-2 positions will be available depending on enrollment).

Educators in all Arkansas public and private schools as well as all Arkansas institutions of higher education and all state directors of gifted programs are invited to apply for faculty positions. 

Area I Faculty will collaborate with the Area I Coordinator in developing curriculum in their field of special talent according to the general framework described below:

Drama is one of our oldest art forms, yet it continually evolves in order to meet the needs of our changing society.  Students will learn to analyze, create, and perform dramatic works that speak to the audiences of today.  They will study classic dramatic texts, practice performance skills, write scripts and gain exposure to wide variety of roles in theatre-making, including acting, directing, playwriting, and set design.  Students will also have the opportunity to experiment with digital film, audio, and editing and examine the differences between performance for traditional stage and screen and performance for new hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets.






Applicants should submit an application cover sheet (see Appendix A), a letter of application describing qualifications, curriculum ideas, and teaching style, a current curriculum vitae, and a list of three references. The application deadline is January 1, 2021.