ATU empowers you to embrace your inner grit and determination.

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What are the essential elements of an Arkansas Tech University Education?

To be sure, a pathway to a degree and the opportunity to pursue the life of your dreams. But there's more. Much more. We blend classroom fundamentals with practical experience so you are prepared to contribute to the greater good of our communities, our state and beyond. The life-changing personal and social opportunities you have here become the framework for how you live your life. You join a diverse community of learners that sticks together and sticks up for each other. You develop faculty and staff mentors who find their personal success and joy in watching our students succeed. You become an innovator. A collaborator. An expert. You learn what it means to "Fight On!"

That is our promise to you at Arkansas Tech.



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Arkansas Tech University


Discover the Best of Both Worlds with Arkansas Tech and Ozark! At Arkansas Tech University, we offer you the unique opportunity to experience the best of higher education at not just one, but two exceptional campuses. With our flagship Russellville campus nestled in the heart of the natural beauty of the Arkansas River Valley and our Ozark campus providing a more intimate, community-focused environment, you'll find the perfect setting to pursue your academic dreams. Whether you crave the vibrancy of a larger campus or the personalized attention of a smaller one, our 'One School, Two Campuses' approach ensures you can tailor your college experience to your preferences. Join us and embrace the diversity of opportunities, vibrant campus life, and academic excellence that Arkansas Tech and Ozark have to offer. Explore your potential, expand your horizons, and experience the best of both worlds with us!.