Office of Public Relations


The Office of Public Relations designs, produces and delivers professional communications by providing honest, timely and useful information that supports the mission and core values of the campus to all its internal and external stakeholders.


"It's time for a change. Get started now.""Now it's your time."

Previous slogans:
  • Learn more. Earn more.
  • Hire education
  • Where learning potential becomes earning potential

Our advertising focuses on changing lives and jump-starting or elevating a career by gaining knowledge, experiences and education as a result of attending Arkansas Tech-Ozark.


Create a professional look that is inviting among area high school students, as well as nontraditional students.

Campaigns feature students in various classroom and lab settings to demonstrate the diversity of our programs, as well as graduates in their job settings to illustrate the real-world impact an education can make on their professional lives.

The students and graduates represent the broad spectrum of the Arkansas Tech-Ozark family. Those featured in the advertising also demonstrate an accurate representation of the diverse academic and professional opportunities available at Arkansas Tech-Ozark.

Communication Channels:


  • Billboards in the greater Fort Smith region are scheduled for a twelve month rotation. The 2012-13 campaign message: I knew it was time for a change. Now it's your time."

Newspaper Coverage

  • News articles
  • Press releases
  • Various course advertisements as needed

Newspapers: The Spectator, Times Record, Press Argus-Courier, The Courier, Johnson County Graphic, Booneville Democrat, Paris Express, Charleston Express, Waldron Newsand Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.


  • Recruiting campaign for fall and spring semesters
  • KDYN Chancellors campus update (last Friday of each month)
  • Event coverage as needed
  • Monthly public service announcements

Radio stations: KDYN, KISR - Baker Broadcasting, Cumulus Broadcasting, Pharis Broadcasting and Clear Channel Broadcasting


Social Media