Weekly Shopping Shuttle

 All shuttles will depart from the Chambers Cafeteria Parking Lot Wednesdays only.


Fall & Spring Shuttle Schedule

5:30 pm Depart from ATU

6:00 pm Depart from ATU

6:30 pm Depart from ATU

7:00 pm Depart from ATU

7:15 pm Return to ATU

7:45 pm Return to ATU

8:15 pm Return to ATU

8:45 pm Return to ATU


Summer and Session Break Shuttle Schedule

5:30 pm Depart from ATU

6:00 pm Depart from ATU

6:30 pm Return to ATU

7:00 pm Return to ATU



1. Due to tight schedule, shuttle will NOT wait for late students.

2. If at any time campus closes due to inclement weather, the weekly shuttle will not operate.

The IMSSO shopping shuttle is a service we provide to students who do not have transportation. Due to the large number of students who ride the shuttle on Wednesday afternoon, we are not able to keep a record of who gets on the shuttle and who gets off of the shuttle. The shuttle basically serves as a substitute for public transportation. Therefore, it is extremely important, that you make sure that you take responsibility for yourself and get on the shuttle at the posted times. If you are not there, the shuttle will not wait out of courtesy and respect to the other students who arrive on time and often have groceries that need to be refrigerated quickly. If you miss the last shuttle, it is your responsibility to get a ride back to campus. You can call Mike's Taxi at (479)498-2000 to pick you up and bring you back to campus or you can call a friend. Please write this number down so that you will have it if you need it. Please do not take a ride back to campus with a stranger. This is not safe. Additionally, due to safety concerns, we can not transport bicycles, large pieces of furniture or any other items that will block the walkway of the bus. If you need to purchase these large items, please find an alternate means of transportation.