Transfer Credit  

Upon being admitted to Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus, your transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit; the Ozark Campus will recognize transfer credit from U.S. regional accreditation associations. You must provide transcripts from every school you have attended.

Grades for transfer credit will appear on the Tech transcript as TA, TB, TC, TD, TW, etc.

All grades are calculated in the cumulative grade point average when reviewing admission requirements.

The equivalencies listed herein reflect the latest catalog grade point average when reviewing admission requirements. Some disciplines will prefer different requirements and/or may substitute equivalencies for their program.

The following are not accepted for general transfer credit:

Acronyms seen on articulated transfer work posted on the Arkansas Tech transcript:

GENL = General Elective Credit
GEBL = General Education - Biological Science Credit
GEFA = General Education - Fine Arts Credit
GEHM = General Education - Humanities Credit
GEPE = General Education - Physical Activity Credit
GEPS = General Education - Physical Science Credit
GESS = General Education - Social Sciences Credit
NT = Non-transferable course

The following policy is effective July 7, 2010. ATU will recognize transfer credit from the same U.S. regional accreditation associations; along with, additional colleges listed by ADHE in ACTS. The ACTS courses will be the only transfer credit accepted from that institution. Acceptance of the course credit will be determined by the date the institution was formally recognized by ADHE, and the student's matriculation term that must coincide or follow the date of that recognition. Credit from U.S. colleges and universities not accredited by one of the six regional accreditation associations or listed by ADHE in ACTS will not be accepted for transfer credit. Credit from colleges or universities outside the U.S. presented for transfer credit will be considered on an individual basis. Transfer credit, although accepted by the university, is not guaranteed to be applicable toward meeting degree requirements for all programs offered by the university. Applicability of transfer credit to meet degree requirements depends on the major selected by the transfer student.

Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) is designed to assist in planning the academic progress of students from the high school level through the adult workforce. This system contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and equitable treatment in the application of credits for admissions and degree requirements. Students may complete specified General Education courses anywhere in the public system as well as many courses in the degree/major that have been pre-identified for transfer. Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as "No Comparable Course." Transferability of courses taken prior to January 1, 2007, is at the discretion of the receiving institution. The Arkansas Transfer System can be accessed at

Act 747 of 2011 establishes a statewide common course numbering system for postsecondary courses. The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) meets this requirement.

The following table lists those courses found within ACTS and the equivalent Arkansas Tech University course as of April 1, 2013. Please refer to the ACTS website ( for the most up-to-date course listings.

ACTS Course Index Number ACTS Course Index Name Arkansas Tech University Course Number Arkansas Tech University Course Name
ANTH1013 Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 1213 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH2013 Cultural Anthropology ANTH 2003 Cultural Anthropology
ARTA1003 Art Appreciation ART 2123 Experiencing Art
ARTA2003 Art History Survey I ART 2103 Art History I
ARTA2103 Art History Survey II ART 2113 Art History II
BIOL1004 Biology for Non-Majors BIOL 1014 Introduction to Biological Sciences
BIOL1014 Biology for Majors BIOL 1114 Principles of Biology
BIOL1034 Botany for Majors BIOL 2134 Principles of Botany
BIOL1054 Zoology BIOL 2124 Principles of Zoology
BIOL2404 Human Anatomy and Physiology I * BIOL 2014 Human Anatomy
BIOL2414 Human Anatomy and Physiology II * No Comparable Course No Comparable Course
CHEM1004 Chemistry I for General Education CHEM 1114 Survey of Chemistry
CHEM1214 Chemistry I for Health Related Professions CHEM 1113/CHEM 1111 Survey of Chemistry and Lab
CHEM1224 Chemistry II for Health Related Professions CHEM 2204 Organic Physiological Chemistry
CHEM1414 Chemistry I for Science Majors CHEM 2124 General Chemistry I
CHEM1424 Chemistry II for Science Majors CHEM 2134 General Chemistry II
CPSI1003 Introduction to Computers COMS 1003 Introduction to Computer Based Systems
CRJU1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ 2003 Introduction to Criminal Justice
DRAM1003 Theatre Appreciation TH 2273 Introduction to Theatre
ECON2103 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2003 Principles of Economics I
ECON2203 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2013 Principles of Economics II
ENGL1013 Composition I ENGL 1013 Composition I
ENGL1023 Composition II ENGL 1023 Composition II
ENGL2013 Introduction to Creative Writing ENGL 2043 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL2023 Introduction to Technical Writing ENGL 2053 Technical Writing
ENGL2113 World Literature I ENGL 2003 Introduction to World Literature
ENGL2653 American Literature I ENGL 2013 Introduction to American Literature
FREN1013 French I FR 1014 Beginning French I
FREN1023 French II FR 1024 Beginning French II
FREN2013 French III FR 2014 Intermediate French I
FREN2023 French IV FR 2024 Intermediate French II
GEOG1113 Human Geography GEOG 2023 Human Geography
GEOG2103 World Regional Geography GEOG 2013 Regional Geography of the World
GEOG2223 Physical Geography No Comparable Course No Comparable Course
GEOL1114 Physical Geology GEOL 1014 Physical Geology
GEOL1124 Environmental Geology No Comparable Course No Comparable Course
GEOL1134 Historical Geology GEOL 2024 Historical Geology
GERM1013 German I GER 1014 Beginning German I
GERM1023 German II GER 1024 Beginning German II
GERM2013 German III GER 2014 Intermediate German I
GERM2023 German IV GER 2024 Intermediate German II
HEAL1003 Personal Health HLED 1513 Personal Health and Wellness
HIST1113 World Civilizations I HIST 1503 World Civilizations I
HIST1123 World Civilizations II HIST 1513 World Civilizations II
HIST2113 United States History I HIST 2003 United States History I
HIST2123 United States History II HIST 2013 United States History II
MATH1003 College Math MATH 1003 College Mathematics
MATH1103 College Algebra MATH 1113 College Algebra
MATH1203 Plane Trigonometry MATH 1203 Plane Trigonometry
MATH1305 Pre-Calculus MATH 1914 Precalculus
MATH2103 Introduction to Statistics MATH 2163 Introduction to Statistical Methods
MATH2203 Survey of Calculus MATH 2243 Calculus for Business and Economics
MATH2405 Calculus I MATH 2914 Calculus I
MATH2505 Calculus II MATH 2924 Calculus II
MATH2603 Calculus III MATH 2934 Calculus III
MUSC1003 Music Appreciation MUS 2003 Introduction to Music
PHIL1103 Philosophy PHIL 2003 Introduction to Philosophy
PHSC1004 Physical Science PHSC 1013/PHSC 1021 Introduction to Physical Science and Physical Science Lab
PHSC1104 Earth Science GEOL 1004 Essentials of Earth Science
PHSC1204 Introduction to Astronomy PHSC 1053/PHSC 1051 Astronomy and Observational Astronomy Lab
PHYS2014 Algebra/Trigonometry-Based Physics I PHYS 2014 Physical Principles I
PHYS2024 Algebra/Trigonometry-Based Physics II PHYS 2024 Physical Principles II
PHYS2034 Calculus-Based Physics I PHYS 2114 General Physics I
PHYS2044 Calculus-Based Physics II PHYS 2124 General Physics II
PLSC2003 American National Government POLS 2003 American Government
PLSC2103 State and Local Government No Comparable Course No Comparable Course
PSYC1103 General Psychology PSY 2003 General Psychology
PSYC2103 Developmental Psychology No Comparable Course No Comparable Course
SOCI1013 Introduction to Sociology SOC 1003 Introductory Sociology
SOCI2013 Social Problems CJ 2033/SOC 2033 Social Problems
SPAN1013 Spanish I SPAN 1014 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN1023 Spanish II SPAN 1024 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN2013 Spanish III SPAN 2014 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2023 Spanish IV SPAN 2024 Intermediate Spanish II
SPCH1003 Introduction to Oral Communication SPH 1003 Introduction to Speech Communication
ACCT2003 Principles of Accounting I ACCT 2003 ** Principles of Accounting I
ACCT2013 Principles of Accounting II ACCT 2013 ** Principles of Accounting II
BLAW2003 Legal Environment of Business BLAW 2033/BUAD 2033** Legal Environment of Business
BUSI2103 Business Statistics BUAD 2053 ** Business Statistics


* Note - Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Human Anatomy and Physiology II must be taken at the same institution to be transferable.

** Note - Accounting and business courses are not general education core courses.