Please report any standard procedure violations to the Library Desk. Violations may affect the violator's Library privileges. 

Cell Phone/Noise

The Ozark Campus Library seeks to provide an environment that supports a wide range of academic endeavors for Arkansas Tech University students, faculty, and staff. Some Library users require quiet areas for individual research and study, while others need to interact with others or to study in groups. Cell Phone use is discouraged inside of the Library. Calls should be taken outside into the Student Union area. 

Posters and Handouts

Non-University Affiliates must submit their flyer or handout to the Public Relations office located in Technology and Academic Support, Room 114. University Organizations and Affiliates must have approval of the Librarian. Posters and handouts may be posted on the felt board located behind the copier/printer. 

No Tobacco Policy

The use of any tobacco product is not permitted on campus. Arkansas Tech has been tobacco free on its campuses in Russellville and Ozark since August 1, 2009. 

Computer Use Standard Procedures

Please report any regulation violations to the LIbrary Desk. Violations may affect the violator's Library privileges. 

Appropriate Use of Computer Resources

Other Office of Information Systems Policies