Leadership Franklin County



Leadership Franklin County is an organization housed at Arkansas Tech-Ozark that develops current and emerging leaders to work together to serve the good of Franklin County and the surrounding area. The ten-month leadership development program is an experiential curriculum, during which class participants:

  • Learn about themselves;
  • Explore the history and culture of Franklin County;
  • Identify and examine important issues that are relevant to the community and become active agents of positive change;
  • Meet a network of diverse people who are interested in making a difference;
  • Practice team building through work in small groups to achieve common goals.

Who We Are

Leadership Franklin is supported by a grant awarded to Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus allocated by the General Assembly through the effort of former State Rep. Leslee Milam Post. Laura Rudolph serves as the program director.

What We Do

Leadership Franklin County provides four basic services to the community and its membership:

  • Leadership Development A ten-month leadership program is provided yearly to a group of people in Franklin County for the purpose of developing a pool of leadership talent from which organizations may draw upon to meet its community service needs. Participants receive formal training in important skills, such as leadership and team building.
  • In-depth knowledge of Franklin County The program provides an opportunity to learn about the county's history, geography, political structure, economic climate and more. Explore many of the challenges and issues facing our fast-growing county and learn about ways to get involved in the community.
  • Community Impact Projects These projects leave a legacy to the Franklin County community and, working together, class members use the tools, resources and information they have gathered throughout the year to make a positive and lasting impact.
  • Networking Graduates of the program come away with a new network of friends and associates. The graduates of Leadership Franklin County will have the opportunity to become members of the Leadership Franklin County Alumni Association. Members will have the opportunities for continued involvement in the program and community service.


  • Identify and select highly motivated potential/existing leaders each year to participate in the program.
  • Thoroughly educate and challenge the participants as to the needs and opportunities of the regional community and the dynamics of social and economic change.
  • Develop a fellowship among the participants to provide a common ground for working together on present and future projects.
  • Create a dialogue and rapport between the participants and existing regional leadership.
  • Stimulate within the participants an increased level of commitment and participation within their communities and regional organizations.
  • Develop a renewed sense of enthusiasm, regional harmony and positive attitude.


The program year runs August through May, beginning with an opening retreat. The program continues through nine sessions and ends with a final retreat. The retreat focuses on team building and continued development of leadership skills, including communication, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Monthly daylong sessions offer expert information and provide opportunities for discussion about community matters, including K-12 education, higher education, local government, state government, the judicial process, economic development, quality of life and tourism, and health and human services. The sessions are led by leaders in various fields, and the purpose of these sessions is to address major issues in stimulating ways and formats, which result in solutions and plans of action.


Anyone interested in the program is encouraged to apply. Participants must complete and submit an application to the office of Leadership Franklin County. Applicants will be chosen to represent a diversity of background and experience, ethnicity, income, place and type of employment, and location of residence and work. Nominations are also welcome and encouraged.

The Nomination Form

Leadership Franklin County will expose participants to things about the region they never knew and would likely never see otherwise. Please consider nominating worthy individuals for the next Leadership Franklin County class. Self-nominations also are encouraged. A nomination form is available by clicking here.

Tuition: Tuition for the program is $500. Tuition is payable by the participant, employer or sponsoring organization. The tuition covers meals and other program expenses and materials. Participants are asked to contribute at least $100 of the tuition cost to demonstrate a commitment to the program.

Commitment: Participants in the Leadership Franklin County program make a commitment of time, energy and money. Nominees must have the full written approval of the organization they represent. In addition, attendance at all sessions is required; members may miss no more than two session days to graduate from the program.

Employer Commitment: Employers will be required to sign the application stating that the applicant has the firms full support and approval for participation in the program and the time required to participate in the program.