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Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is approved, by the State Approving Agency for Veterans, as a school whereby veterans and eligible dependents may qualify for educational benefits while working toward a degree. The VA certifying official (the Office of Financial Aid) will assist students with the filing of required documents for educational benefits with the VA, issue enrollment certifications to VA and monitor students' satisfactory progress toward their degree.

Application Procedures

To apply for your veterans benefits:

  1. To Initiate your VA Education Benefits, you must submit an application online at the Veterans On-Line Application website.
  2. If you are approved for benefits, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility by mail from the VA;
  3. Turn in a copy of your certificate of Eligibility and DD-124 to the Office of Financial Aid;
  4. Register for classes and turn in a copy of your class schedule to the Office of Financial Aid.

You may also receive general and detailed descriptions of each program from VA online

If you have received benefits at another university, complete a Change of Program/Place of Training form 22-1995. You may print a copy online at under "Education Forms" or come to the Office of Student Services and get one from the Office of Financial Aid. Submit the completed form to the Office of Financial Aid. Next, complete the Enrollment Certification Request for VA Educational Benefits (provided by your certifying official).

If you are changing from Chapter 1606 to Chapter 1607 benefits, complete a Statement In Support of Claim form 21-4138. You may print a copy online at under "Education Forms" or come to the Office of Student Services and get one from the Office of Financial Aid. Submit the completed form to the Office of Financial Aid, along with your latest DD-214.

Credit for Military Experience

In order to receive college credit for your military experience, request your military transcripts (if applicable) by clicking this link.

Student Responsibilities

  • The Office of Financial Aid provides enrollment certification information and application forms.
  • VA students must be working toward a degree and following the curriculum as outlined for their degree plan in the catalog, since only specific courses may be applied toward VA certification.
  • VA will not pay for non-required repeat of classes; if Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus requires you to repeat the course in order to receive credit towards your degree, then VA will consider that a required repeat and the course will be applied towards the hours required for you to receive benefits.
  • VA students are responsible for notifying the Office of Financial Aid of any changes in their status (add/drop classes, withdraw from school, change major).
  • There are options available to you in the event you are called to active duty/deployment once the term begins. Please contact the Registrars Office at (479) 508-3366 for more information about the documentation you will need to provide. A copy of your orders will be needed.
  • Regular attendance of all classes is a requirement for VA payments. If you stop attending a class, VA will be notified and you may be required to pay back benefits.
  • Twelve undergraduate hours for a fall/spring term is considered full-time and four undergraduate hours is considered full-time for a five week summer term.
  • Remember each semester to fill out your Enrollment Certification Request for VA Educational Benefits to be certified.
  • Chapters 1606, 1607, 30 and VRAP must verify their enrollment at the end of each month. To certify your enrollment through WAVES:
    • Go to
    • Click on "Verify Attendance (WAVE)"
    • Click on the "Verify School Attendance" box
    • Log in ("File #" is generally your Social Security number; if it is your first time to log in, the password is the last six numbers of your Social Security number)
    • Verify attendance
    • Or call 1 (877) 823-2378

Additional Military Assistance

Federal Tuition Assistance

  • FTA can pay for up to 16 credit hours per year.
  • The amounts to be paid are maxed out at $2,50 per semester hour.
  • FTA dates for usage are Oct. 1 - Sept. 30. FTA can only be used for "1" degree credential at the associate, bachelor and master/first professional levels.
  • Applications must be submitted 10 days prior to the start date of classes and can be done 90 days in advance of the first start date
  • Qualifications:
    • Must be an active drilling member of the NCNG
    • Be in good standing with your unit
    • Courses must be completed before your ETS date arrives
    • Your school must be on the National Accreditation List
  • Apply at the National Guard benefits website (you must have a CAC card reader to access this site). After you apply and approved, you will need to access GoArmyEd and upload your classes, class schedule, degree plan and cost of attendance.
  • GTIP is a state benefit for National Guard members. The amount of the benefit depends on many factors and could be as much as $2,500, which is credited to your OneTech account.
  • If you have questions about the GTIP benefit, call (501) 212-4011.
  • GTIP applications are also available in the Office of Financial Aid.
  • For more information, visit


  • Arkansas National Guard Tuition Assistance Waiver is a state benefit for national guard members. NGTW covers tuition and fees and pays up to 120 credit hours or until completion of a bachelors degree, whichever comes first.
  • To qualify you have to be
    • Arkansas Resident
    • Completed basic training
    • does NOT already hold a bachelors degree or higher
    • enrolled at an undergraduate program at an Arkansas Public institution of higher education
    • not currently flagged for serious misconduct
  • If you have questions about the NGTW benefit, call 501-212-4045
  • Complete the attached spreadsheet or the PDF:  Spreadsheet or PDF This document has to be electronically signed and submitted back to the National Guard to the email listed below. You only have to complete either the Spreadsheet or the PDF not both. If it is not electronically signed they will not be able to accept it.
  • Email the spreadsheet or the PDF to
  • Complete your FAFSA & your application for ADHE scholarships on
  • All of these steps have to be complete in order to receive NGTW & they have to be done within 30 days from the first day of EACH semester.

Veterans Administration

To inquire about the status of your GI Bill® educational benefit payments, you can contact the Veterans Administration toll free at 1 (888) GI Bill®1 [442-4551]. For other types of benefits available to veterans, call toll free 1 (800) 827-1000. You also may contact the VA concerning your educational benefits by logging onto Right Now Web on the VA education benefits website and click on the Ask a Question and Find an Answer link. (The VA web address