Student Employment



Non-work study student employment is available to our students. Financial need is not a requirement for employment under the Non-Work Study Program; therefore, the student does not have to complete the FAFSA form. Non-work study jobs are available to United States citizens, as well as international students. Enrollment for this program is at least six (6) hours during the fall and spring semesters to be considered eligible for the Non-Work Study Program.

Departments requesting student labor may contact the Office of Human Resources in the Technical and Academic Support Building at the Ozark Campus to advertise a position or inquire about students available for work.

Departmental chairs officially request a student worker by observing the following procedures:

  1. Verify availability of departmental funds for a non-work study student and submit job advertisement (ready to post) to the Office of Human Resources. See attached form.
  2. Request/assignment for non-work study student employment form is completed, signed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources for processing. The student will need to complete new hire paperwork in Human Resources.
  3. Please note non-work study timesheets are submitted online under the staff tab in the students OneTech. The supervisor will be required to approve all timesheets submitted.

The following student employment forms are required to process the non-work study student worker applications:

  1. Request/assignment for student employment form;
  2. Application for student employment;
  3. W-4 form;
  4. I-9 form (Human Resources will need to see two original forms of identification);
  5. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act form.

Please click the link below to download non-work study employment application: