Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology is a two-year program that provides hands-on training and related information to repair today's high technology vehicles.It prepares students for employment in dealerships, specialty shops and service centers. Students train on "live projects," as well as trainer units provided by the school.

The laboratory is well equipped and uses the latest computerized diagnostic equipment, tools and procedures.Major areas of study include the following: brakes, steering and suspension, electrical systems and engine performance.The program is certified by the National Automotive Technician Educational Foundation (NATEF).

Students finishing the two-year program at the Arkansas Tech University Career Center have the possibilty to obtain positions in the River Valley area at a beginning salary of $9.00 per hour. Within a few months, most are making $12 or more per hour. With experience and further education, employees in the automotive technology field have the opportunity to make $21-$25 per hour.

Students have the opportunity to compete with SkillsUSA which allows them to compete for job opportunities, scholarships, tool purchase programs and awards.

Students who complete this program of study offered at the Career Center may receive a Certificate of Proficiency in automotive service technology.

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Bennie Byrd