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Graduate Courses Index

In this section of the catalog, all graduate level courses taught at Arkansas Tech University are listed alphabetically by subject area. Courses fulfilling subject matter requirements in more than one area are cross-listed; e.g., the listing ANTH(MUS) 5853 is offered for three semester hours of credit in either anthropology or music. For departmental write-ups and detailed curricula of programs of study, see the appropriate division of the catalog.

Course numbers are to be interpreted as follows:

The first digit refers to the level of the course: 5-graduate level, 6-graduate level; 0-designates a course that cannot be used to satisfy general education requirements nor provide credit toward any degree.

Normally, the middle two digits merely differentiate the course from others and have no meaning for the student, and the last digit refers to the number of hours of credit allowed for the course. Exceptions to this include internships, externships, practicums and variable credit classes where hours earned can be 10 or more. In these cases, the last two numbers refer to the number of hours of credit allowed for the course.

Typically an hour of credit requires one hour of classroom work per week for the duration of a semester.