Undergraduate Research Grants

The Arkansas Tech University Undergraduate Research Office invites applications for funds to support undergraduate research for the 2016-2017 academic year. For 2016-2017 academic year, a total of $35,000 in internal funds is anticipated to be available to the ATU Undergraduate Research Office to fund fourteen [14] undergraduate research proposals. The maximum budget allowed for each proposal will be in the $2,000-3,500 range.

Following is a description of the support available and application process. Applications should be submitted to Dr. Mostafa Hemmati in McEver 108 no later than September 23, 2016. Please call Dr. Hemmati at 968-0340 if there are questions.


Undergraduate Research

Research proposals in ALL academic disciplines will be considered for funding. Proposals may focus on investigation of questions of interest to the faculty member.  Undergraduate research grants are subject to the following conditions.

  1. Faculty are expected to have one or two students applying for stipends (stipends are required to be handled as student labor) at the same time. Faculty will serve as mentor for the selected student(s).

  2. Individuals receiving funds from the Arkansas Tech University Undergraduate Research Office will present their results in the Arkansas Tech University Senior Honors and Student Research Symposium (student presentations are preferred). This will serve as a forum for presentation and discussion of research and dissemination of results.

  3. Grants will extend from the date of the award (approximately October 15) to May 10 of the next calendar year.

  4. A maximum of $2,000-3,500 is anticipated for each grant. Allowances are as follows: non-work study for student stipends - $2,000; supplies $400-800; and travel $100-700.  After the grant proposal is approved, budget transfers between different categories will not be allowed.  Therefore, the proposal's budget should be prepared according to the needs in each category. All requisitions for items previously approved on the grant application must be done no later than April 1, 2017.  

  5. A final report containing research results will be submitted to the Undergraduate Research Office by June 1, 2017.


Student Stipends

Students who have an interest in these stipends must be sponsored by a faculty member applying for an undergraduate research grant.  All full time students are eligible to apply. Student grant awards are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Recipients are expected to perform mentored research; assist mentors in preparation of reports, papers, proposals, and presentations; make a presentation at the on-campus Senior Honors and Student Research Symposium and other appropriate meetings.

  2. Students with cumulative grade point of 3.00 or above will be given first consideration in making a grant award.

  3. Students must have completed a minimum of fifty university credit hours.

  4. Student grant awards are limited to $2,000 or less per student. Student compensation will be through the non-work study budget category.

Of the total $35,000 available to the ATU Undergraduate Research Office, it is anticipated that the ATU Center for Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Studies (ACENRES) will contribute $9,000. Therefore, three of the proposals may be supported by ACENRES.  Proposals considered for funding through ACENRES must support the Center's mission of promoting research in the broad spectrum of energy, natural resources, or aspects of the environment.  Proposals fitting any of these categories are required to have a paragraph in their proposal emphasizing how their research will meet the goals of the Center.  As with other research funded through the Undergraduate Research Office, individuals receiving funds from ACENRES will present their results in the ATU Student Research Symposium. However, in addition to the presentation, the faculty member directing the research project will be required to submit a 1-2 page report to Dr. Jason Patton, Director of ACENRES, no later than May 15, 2017 summarizing the research conducted and the results, for inclusion in the ACENRES' Annual Report.


Review Process

A proposal review committee consisting of ATU faculty and administrators will use the following criteria to evaluate faculty research proposals.

  1. Scientific or academic merit of the proposed research.

  2. Appropriateness of the scope of the proposed activity in the grant period.

  3. Perceived potential for further research and funding from other sources after the end of the grant period.

Faculty planning to submit proposals are asked to download the cover page and proposal outline from the following link.

Application for an Undergraduate Research Grant


ArkansasTech UniversityUndergraduate Research Office

Proposal Outline

Section I.     Project Description (not exceeding six pages)

  1. Rationale for the Project
  2. Activities to be Completed
  3. Student Mentoring (explain what students will do for this project)
  4. Written Outputs (agree to submit a final report and mention other plans to present and publish)
  5. Course Content Enhancements

Section II.     Gantt Chart

Section III.    Budget Justification

Section IV.    Faculty resume not exceeding three pages, student resume, and an unofficial copy of the student transcript.

For additional information, contact: mhemmati@atu.edu