Contact Us

Technology Center Information Desk
Info Desk Outside 3rd Floor Elevator
Phone: (479)964-0581
Fax: (479)964-0580

Steve Milligan
Technology Center Director
Pendergraft Room 303
Phone: (479)964-0564

Debbie Ennis
Technology Center Manager
Technology Center Room Scheduling Information
(8am-5pm M-F)
Pendergraft Room 306
Phone: (479)498-6060

Vicki Klaser
Technology Center
Administrative Specialist
Technology Center Room Scheduling Information (3pm-12am S-T)
Pendergraft Room 306
Phone: (479)498-6060

Library Circulation Desk
Library Support
Pendergraft Room 140
Phone: (479)964-0568

Campus Support Center: (including OnLine, Classroom and BlackboardSupport)
Pendergraft Room 150
Just inside front entrance
Phone: (479)968-0646 or Toll Free: 866-400-8022

Support Center Hours:

24x7 except during school closings and holidays

From midnight until 7 am, there will only be email and telephone support available.