Meet Our Board


Andrea Sims

My name is Andrea Sims and I am the President of the Student Activities Board! I'm a Senior working on my Biology/Pre-Med major paired with a minor in Psychology. It sounds boring, but one day I hope to get my Physical Therapy degree with a Sports Medicine concentration. I come from a small town called Waldron, AR and ATU couldn't be a better place for me! I love being with my friends, the great outdoors, traveling, animals, twerking, mexican food and making people laugh!
The greatest thing about SAB is that our events bring people together from all sides of campus. Every person on the board is like family and volunteering for SAB is how I met them and how I meet more people every week. We truly are a one of a kind group because SAB is the place to be!



Social EventsSuede

Suede Graham

My name is Suede Graham and I am the Social Events Team Leader.


Variety and EntertainmentAaron

Aaron Robinson

Hello! My name is Aaron Robinson, I am the Variety and Entertainment Team Leader.






Motion Picturesmeet our board-jefferson

Jefferson Puerto

Birthday: October 19
Motion Pictures Team Leader
Very happy and full of energy. Love making friends and meeting people. Easy to get along with. Was a voulenteer for SAB before joining the executive board.








I Bleed Green and Gold

Lindsey Wood

My name is Lindsey Wood and I work with the student fan experience program called I Bleed Green and Gold.




Engaging Issues

Austin Lerew

My name is Austin Lerew and I am the Engaging Issues Team Leader


Advisormeet our board-jenny

Jenny Butler

I am Jenny Butler, Assistant Director of Campus Life. One of the areas I get to work with at Tech is the Student Activities Board.

I am from Waldron, AR and got my Bachelors from University of the Ozarks and my Masters from University of Central Arkansas. I have been working at Tech for nearly 4 years and love all the cool and exciting things that SAB gets to do. SAB has an abundance of energy and great ideas and they definitely keep my life exciting! I love to travel, read, scuba dive, and renovate my home. My most favorite thing, though, is to play with my super cool cat, Patches.


Graduate AssistantKelsey

Kelsey Spry

I am the graduate assistant for Student Activities Board and Orientation.