ResNet Policy

Residence Dorms and Apartments provide high-quality access to information technology by maintaining a computer network. This computer network is called ResNet. Through this network, students who own their own computers can access the Internet while living in the residence dorms/apts.

Each ResNet connection port is assigned to a designated user. ResNet users are responsible for all network traffic originating from their connections. This includes, but is not limited to: e-mail, WWW browsing, file transfers, and connections to other machines.

ResNet users are expected to follow all Arkansas Tech Student, Computing ServicesHousing and Illegal Downloading rules and policies regarding the use of computing equipment.

Additionally, ResNet users must be aware that:

Violation of any of these conditions may result in any or all of the following:

Damage or theft of ResNet wiring or hardware is the financial responsibility of all residence members. If responsibility is traced to any specific individual or particular group of individuals, they will be held personally responsible for the theft or damage.

ResNet users are also expected to be responsible network citizens. ResNet is a shared resource. As such, users should refrain from using any application which may interfere with the use of the network by others.

As a final note, think of your personal computer as your computing home. It is advisable to "lock the front door" so that people cannot use your machine without your supervision. Using a password when your computer initially starts or a screen saver password are good ways to control access to the information on your computer and your computer´┐Żs access to ResNet.