Illegal Downloading Violations

Effective May 15, 2009

Procedures & Policies

Step 1:  Legal Counsel notifies Computer Services regarding violation type, IP address and the IP port number.  (Port is turned off immediately when notified by legal counsel).    

Step 2:  Computer Services links the IP numbers to registered student.

Step 3:  Computer Services sends the student name, room location, student email and classification of the offending student and “material in question” (RIAA notice) and date to Assistant Director/Assistant Dean.

Step 4:  Assistant Director/Assistant Dean verifies room assignment(s) and contacts the student via letter.

Step 5:  Judicial meeting occurs, the following happens: 

Step 6:  Judicial sanctions:
1st offense:

2nd Offense:

3rd Offense:

Step 7:  Students are responsible for the removal of any illegally downloaded material.  If ATU is notified again of violation and it is the same material, the student will be held accountable for a second offense.

Step 8:  Assistant Director/Assistant Dean notifies Computer Services of the date when the student’s port can be re-activated.  This cannot happen until the student attends a meeting and signs ResNet Waiver.

Step 9:  Should students wish to discuss the IP port in question and how it is affiliated with them, they are to make arrangements with Computer Services to address this situation.

Step 10:  Written appeals may be made within 5 days from the notice of violation/sanction.